WWE News: Update On When NXT Superstar Bayley Will Debut On The Main Roster

If there is one person that has become the calling card for the women of WWE NXT, it’s Bayley. She is fun to watch, great for the kids to look up to, and respected by the men of WWE for her talent in the ring and on the mic. Fans feel she could be bigger than John Cena if WWE allowed her to be promoted as much. NXT has had a use for her for some time now because of the lack of major stars for the women of NXT after Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch left for the main roster.

To WWE’s credit, they brought in Asuka to help the division and they’re going after other talented women from around the world as well. All are being trained by the great Sara Del Rey, which helps a great deal. However, lack of star-power is a problem for the NXT brand when it comes to the women as there are only two who really sell it. The rest are in need of more time before they can be considered great.

This is probably why we have yet to see Bayley make her main roster debut. The question is, when will we see her do so? Sadly, there is not much to be known. According to PWInsider, WWE currently has no plans to bring Bayley up from NXT any time soon. This is possibly good for Bayley and WWE NXT. First and foremost, she remains in the NXT Women’s Title picture and a top star for the NXT brand. If she were called up next week, she would be fighting her way up a crowded card of ladies to get to the top.

Bayley Asuka [Image via WWE]On top of this, NXT needs her far more than the main roster does. The main roster has about five or six women who can get things done for them in the women’s division. Meanwhile, NXT only has two big stars to work with. Bayley is far better served staying with NXT for a while and coming up later.

The rumor going around is that we very well could see Bayley make her jump to the main roster later this year, sometime after WWE SummerSlam. This would be good and bad for her as a character. WWE is planning on stretching out the storyline for Sasha Banks and Charlotte, as Charlotte continues to duck The Boss until later this year. In the meantime, she’ll take on Natalya and potentially Paige in the upcoming months.

Finally, the two are supposed to meet one-on-one at SummerSlam for the WWE Women’s Championship. The idea according to most is that Charlotte will drop the title to Sasha Banks there, which opens up the two having a rematch at the next PPV. Afterward, there is a thought among many that WWE could have Bayley vs Sasha Banks at WWE Survivor Series. This would capitalize on what they did last year around this exact same time period for the NXT Women’s Title.

Bayley Sasha [Image via WWE]This would be good to see from WWE, and it could possibly be the best thing for the company at the end of the day. The problem is, NXT cannot be without another top lady. That means NXT will have to start building someone up before Bayley can be called up. It seems the fans have rejected Eva Marie, who is really the only other girl they have built in NXT outside of Asuka. Dana Brooke is a possibility, as is Alexa Bliss, but it all depends on how they want to use them.

If WWE can build someone, or sign a big name lady, Bayley will obviously be called up before the year is out. If not, we may see Bayley stay in NXT for a lot longer. Some will rejoice at this, while others will be upset. Regardless, that seems to be how things are going.

[Image via WWE]