Kyle Richards To Bring Up Lisa Vanderpump Drama: Has One Message For Yolanda Hadid

Kyle Richards is gearing up for the dramatic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, which will start airing this upcoming Tuesday. The season started out innocently enough, but the drama quickly took over when the ladies started questioning Yolanda Hadid’s illness. While the ladies could agree that she is indeed sick, they were not in agreement about what was wrong with her. While all of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies come to the reunion ready to fight, Kyle came with the goal of getting some issues resolved.

According to a new Bravo report, Kyle Richards is now revealing that she felt that this season was more complex and complicated than previous seasons. Of course, this particular franchise has dealt with death, cancer, divorces and even a suicide. But for Kyle, this was the first time that the cast was completely divided, even though she was in the middle. As she explained to Bravo, she really does like all of the women and she has no personal issues with any of them.

“That doesn’t mean we have not had our moments, but I do like all of the women. Not everyone can say that and I can’t say that every season. There was just a lot of tears, there was yelling, there’s a walk off. When people start getting up and leaving then you know there’s a problem, you know it’s a crazy one,” Richards detailed about the reunion special.

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Of course, Kyle Richards did get caught up in the drama with Lisa Vanderpump. There had been rumors for years about how Lisa tended to do the work behind the scenes and then let other people do her work for her. This was something that was brought up several times when Brandi Glanville was filming the show. But for Kyle, she just wanted to understand what happened between Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna. As she explained, she wants to continue her friendship with the veteran housewife.

“For me, [the Lisa Vanderpump drama] was something I really wanted to be able to clear up,” Kyle Richards revealed, “I think there was a lot of people who misunderstood things and there was a lot of talk in the media about, ‘Oh the women are questioning if [Yolanda Hadid] had Lyme disease.’ I don’t know how things get so twisted out there, but nobody questioned that, nobody questioned whether Yolanda had Lyme disease or not. I think it was more reading into her exploring what could be contributing to it with all the different procedures she was doing.”

It was Rinna who brought Munchausens into the discussions, and she admitted that she did bring it up. But it seems like there’s confusion about who initially brought it up, why it was brought up and who decided to start spreading the rumors in the group. Vanderpump claims that she did nothing wrong, but Rinna would like everyone to know that Vanderpump tried to influence her behind the scenes to bring Kyle Richards into the drama. But, Kyle only has one priority: to let Yolanda know how she feels.

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“I really wanted Yolanda to know, ‘I know you’re sick. I just want you to know that,'” Kyle said. “‘And I do support you, even though there were moments where it might not have felt like that or things go twisted because Lisa Rinna said some things that were not accurate,’ so that was important to me.”

Richards has shown her support to Hadid, as she went to the lyme gala in New York with her. During the gala, Kyle realized that everything that Yolanda had been telling her had been true, and that many other people were indeed suffering from the same illness. She broke down in tears and it sounds like she learned quite a bit that week in New York.

Do you think Kyle Richards has been guilty this season of The Real Housewives of New York? Do you think she will get Yolanda’s forgiveness or get clarity in the Lisa Vanderpump drama?

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