‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eric Shares Difficult Farewells, Victor Looks Back On Helena Incident, And Summer Sparks New Tensions For Brady And Theresa

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday’s show indicate that this will be an emotional episode that viewers will not want to miss. It is time for Eric to head off to prison to begin his sentence and there are some difficult farewells ahead as a result. Teasers for the April 15 episode also detail friction playing out between Theresa and Brady, while Philip tries to smooth things over in his relationship with Victor.

As viewers saw on Thursday’s show, Summer got drunk and interrupted Brady and Theresa’s romantic dinner out. Brady comforted Summer for a bit and rejoined Theresa, but he remained distracted. When the couple returned home, Summer was on the doorstep and Brady invited her to stick around. Days of Our Lives spoilers via We Love Soaps detail that there is a heated argument on the way between Theresa and Brady as a result of Summer’s continued neediness.


Victor is making progress in his recovery, but Days of Our Lives spoilers share that there is still more drama to come in relation to Deimos. Victor will be looking back on what happened with Helena and it sounds as if viewers may get a bit more insight into exactly what took place all those years ago. As Soap Central teases, as Victor flashes back on those events, it may turn out that things have not played out quite as he has remembered all this time. There may be some enticing twists and turns on the way.

Philip has been in the doghouse with Victor for a while now due to his deal with Deimos, but he is anxious to set things straight. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Philip will reach out to his father during Friday’s show, hoping to smooth things over. Will Victor be open to patching things up in this relationship?


Friday’s episode also brings big scenes related to Eric. He has been sentenced to 5 years in jail for the accident that killed Daniel and it is time for Eric to say goodbye to his loved ones. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Eric will take some time with Marlena, Roman, John, and Jennifer during this show to bid farewell. Actor Greg Vaughan is leaving the show, at least for now, and he has teased that these will be some emotional scenes.

What can everybody expect to see happen during the week of April 18? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Andre will reach out to Hope and make some threats toward Rafe while Deimos has a tantalizing offer for Kate. There is more drama ahead related to Summer and her relationships with both Brady and Maggie, and viewers will see Kayla face more trouble with her health. JJ is becoming worried about his mom, Jennifer, as she copes with her pill-popping addiction and now Eric’s departure. Fans will surely see more of Abigail and Chad during the coming week as well.

Andre may be behind bars, for now, but he clearly has not given up on pursuing revenge for what Hope did to Stefano. Will Hope and Rafe pursue a romance now that he is opening up to her about his feelings? What comes next for Abigail and Chad now that Ben has been recaptured? What happens with Jennifer now that Eric is out of the picture? There is plenty more action on the way and fans cannot wait to see where things head next on Days of Our Lives.

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