Amy Duggar’s Husband Sued Over $51,000 In Unpaid Medical Bills After Josh Duggar’s $500,000 Lawsuit Dropped [Video]

Another Duggar is facing a big lawsuit, but this time, it’s Amy King, not Josh or Jim Bob Duggar. According to the Facebook page, “Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray,” Amy King’s husband, Dillon King, is facing a $51,000 lawsuit for unpaid medical bills.

The story first broke when a Benton County, Arkansas, newspaper printed a public notice that the Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, had filed a lawsuit against King for failing to pay the medical bills he racked up. Although it’s not clear why Amy Duggar’s husband needed medical care, it likely is due to a scary car crash in January 2015 that left Dillon with a broken femur.

At the time, Amy Duggar posted an update on Instagram, alerting fans that her husband had “a head one collision yesterday” after another driver skipped lanes and slammed into King head-on at 45 miles per hour. Duggar also revealed that in addition to the broken leg, her husband now “has an 18-inch rod in his leg!”

Luckily, other than the broken femur, Dillon was fine. But he required plenty of medical attention between January 22 to January 25, 2015, to get him healthy again, which likely led to the deep debt. He also reportedly was not able to work while he recovered, making it difficult to keep up with his bills.


Although not exactly a Duggar, King might be in trouble with Jim Bob for acquiring the debt in the first place since the Duggar family is famous for hating debt. Jim Bob Duggar has confessed on several occasions that the family tries to not accrue any unnecessary debt, preferring instead to pay for everything up front.

However, Duggar was the center of controversy himself after sources revealed that he had been subject to lawsuits and liens himself totaling over $14,000, according to Radar Online, including unpaid bills to a medical center.

Radar Online reports that according to Arkansas’ Benton County Circuit Court documents, the Northwest Medical Center attorneys assert the hospital asked for the debt to “be paid for in full on numerous occasions including: at or immediately following the time of providing the various items; within the 30 day period following the providing of said items; on or about June 26, 2015; and on numerous other occasions since said items were provided.”

The court documents reveal that the medical center is demanding immediate payment. But Amy Duggar and her husband might also be responsible for the attorney fees and interest the unpaid bills have accrued in the past year, including $7,791.07 in attorneys’ fees, as well as $2,134.54 in interest. The hospital is also asking for a 6 percent interest rate on the amount owed from March 2, 2016, until the judgment date.


According to the Facebook group “Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray,” Dillon and Amy were renting one of the Duggar houses but recently purchased a new home and a new car for Amy.

The lawsuit is not the first the Duggar family has dealt with this year. Late last year, Josh Duggar was embroiled in a $500,000 lawsuit filed in a Pennsylvania courthouse. Adult film actress Danica Dillon claimed that she had sex with Josh Duggar for money, but although their time together was consensual, it was so rough that she felt she was being raped.

The lawsuit was eventually dropped earlier this year after Danica failed to produce enough evidence that Josh harmed her. Meanwhile, Josh was able to prove that he wasn’t even in the state on the dates Danica claimed she had sex with him, and the case was eventually dropped.

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