Rolling Stones Say New Album Was A Surprise: ‘We Cut 11 Songs In Two Days, Just Bang!’

Rolling Stones are set to release their first studio album since 2005, according to the aptly-named Rolling Stone magazine. The rock legends have just wrapped up their trip to Cuba and are working on the highly-anticipated album, Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards revealed.

Ever since the release of A Bigger Bang in September 2005, the Rolling Stones have been working hard touring around the world and playing to sold-out stadiums. And now, after 10 years spent on the road, the English rock band is preparing a new studio album.

The new studio album, which is currently at the demo stage, will be the Rolling Stones’ 30th album, and it has no album cover and no release date yet, according to the New York Times. The rock band has previously hinted they were working on a number of blues covers by such singers as Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walter.

Speaking to BBC News, Richards revealed the Rolling Stones have been busy in the studio these days “cutting new stuff.” The other guitarist in the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood, was quoted in one of the BBC Music articles, claiming the band had “cut 11 songs in two days.”

“Just ‘bang’ — like that. It was a surprise to us. We didn’t intend doing it.”

Wood added that the Rolling Stones didn’t spend any time rehearsing the songs. All they had to do is pick a song that was in harmony with Mick Jagger’s harmonica or a guitar riff. And it turned out pretty good, Wood admitted.

Judging by the description of the upcoming Rolling Stones album, the new masterpiece will remind the fans of the early years of the band, back when Jagger and company started out with blues, rhythm and blues, and soul songs, often experimenting with hits of their favorite artists back at that time.

The Rolling Stones’ A Bigger Bang album, released in 2005, kept the fans waiting for eight years since the rock band’s 1997 album Bridges to Babylon. It had been the longest time the band’s fans had to wait for a studio record, up until now.

In March, the Rolling Stones completed their eight-country América Latina Olé stadium tour, which started in Santiago, Chile, and wrapped in Havana with a free concert given in front of a crowd that was estimated at about 1.2 million people. It was the band’s first-ever performance in Cuba, where the Rolling Stones had been banned for years.

The Rolling Stones’ Cuba gig was not the only first for the band on that historic tour. The band’s performances in Peru and Colombia were the first shows by the band, which was formed in 1962, in those countries.

Outside of the Rolling Stones, Jagger has been busy with his own singing career and served as an executive producer on HBO’s Vinyl, while Richards published a best-selling memoir and released a solo album titled Crosseyed Heart. Wood, meanwhile, has been focused on his drawing talents, exhibiting his paintings and drawings.

But touring around the globe hasn’t been the only thing the Rolling Stones have done since the release of their latest studio album. The rock band has released about a dozen live recordings from their legendary concerts. Some of the live recordings were remixed personally by the band.

Moreover, the Rolling Stones’ 2012 greatest hits album titled GRRR! included the band’s two new exclusive songs, “Doom and Gloom” and “One More Shot.” In 2012, the band also released Live at the Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago 1981 DVD and CD video clips featuring the Rolling Stones members at the Checkerboard Lounge performing with blues singer Muddy Waters on stage.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]