Rita Ora Strikes A Sexy, Casual Pose Wearing Tennis Shoes And Barely There Dress On Instagram

British songstress and actress Rita Ora spent a little time sharing her most recent look on the popular social media platform Instagram today, showing off more than a little bit of her iconic body in the process. Given that more than 145,000 Instagram users who follow her account have showered the snapshot with hearts so far, one can only assume that this most recent image has gained some degree of traction with her ever-growing fanbase.

In the photograph, Ora can be seen posing seductively on the arm of a bright fuschia couch, one arm clutching the fabric and the other resting lightly on her knee. She is pictured wearing a tiny, barely-there slip of a dress, the thin fabric decked out in a dazzling silver finish that hugs and accentuates the models natural curves. A plunging neckline and a short-shorts hemline show off a plenitude of bronzed skin.

Her feet are clad in a pair of chunky, bright white tennis or athletic shoes. Mustard accents throw off the notion of a too-white shoe, giving the footwear a bit of depth and unique eccentricity missing from many contemporary competitors.

Completing the look is Ora's extensive hair and makeup work -- her signature bleach blond locks cascading artfully down about her collar and shoulders, framing her poised and posed face bearing hot red lipstick, sculpted eyebrows, and smoky eyes. Both hands are bedecked in expensive jewelry, bearing rings on every second finger.

The singer and silver-screen star is backgrounded by a cool industrial milieu, concrete and corrugated steel framing the shot in a raw and abrasive aesthetic, giving Ora's attitude an even edgier finish.

All of the products featured seem to be on offer from Rita Ora's fashion sponsors at German designer boutique ONYGO. Rita Ora is extensively featured as a separate category on the fashion brand's website.

Rita Ora has made headlines recently, according to The Daily Mail, for stepping out on the streets of London wearing a throwback t-shirt in homage to Charles Jeffrey's Loverboy collection, a fashion designer's dream that typically blends traditional European tartan with clean-cut modern lines and cuts. Not to be confused for a fan t-shirt in support of the one-hit-wonder band from the 1980s sharing the same name, this high-end haute couture label has been picking up steam lately with daring design choices that are being repped by fashionistas around the world.

Fans of Ora's music can expect her long-anticipated (and long-delayed) second album -- as yet untitled -- to drop sometime later this year, according to Official Charts.