Mohamed Hadid Hasn’t Spoken To ‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump In Almost A Year: ‘She’s Dead To Me’

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) star Lisa Vanderpump is reportedly on the outs with her good friend Mohamed Hadid. Ever since she allegedly asked him about Bella and Anwar’s health, Mohamed has distanced himself from her. TMZ reported that their relationship is so fractured that it is beyond repair, and that he has implied that she is dead to him.

Yolanda Hadid revealed on Watch What Happens Live that her friendship with Lisa is a typical Hollywood friendship, and they were never very close. She believes that the reason they were never close was because Vanderpump was Mohamed’s friend, not hers. Yolanda also revealed that since Lisa inquired about their children’s health, Mohamed hasn’t spoken to Lisa. Apparently, that was eight months ago.

Lisa Vanderpump’s falling out with Mahomed happened last year after she asked him (while taping for RHOBH) if his children had Lyme disease. Lisa made it no secret that she didn’t believe Yolanda’s claim that the kids were suffering from the same disease that has changed her life. Instead of dancing around the whole Munchausen’s debacle, Vanderpump decided to ask her good pal Mohamed if it was true.

According to TMZ, Lisa asked Hadid about his children’s health while having dinner with her friends (with the camera’s rolling). And, according to Hadid, it wasn’t the first time she inquired about their Lyme disease status either. Lisa had asked multiple times and became quite a nuisance to Hadid. He made the decision remove her from his life and discard their 20-year friendship.


At this point, the media has speculated whether the friendship is really over, or if it’s just a bump in the road for the strained friendship. Reportedly, Ken has reached out to Mohamed to try to patch up the friendship, but it went nowhere. Hadid is not budging and voiced his disapproval of Vanderpump’s accusations about his former wife and children.

Yolanda revealed that her ex-husband has not spoken to Vanderpump in eight months and was uncomfortable with her questions about their kids’ health. According to the report, Hadid has not visited any of Lisa’s restaurants in the past eight months either, and before this, he was a regular visitor to each of her three restaurants.

Even if Vanderpump didn’t start the Munchausen debate as Lisa Rinna has so adamantly claimed, Lisa did face a stiff consequence: she lost a very dear friend. As many of the cast members have stated over and over, it doesn’t really matter who said what about Hadid’s Lyme disease — it only matters it was stated.


As for if Vanderpump and Mohamed can patch up their friendship, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Hadid obviously was not happy about the way she allegedly asked him multiple times to verify if Bella and Anwar had Lyme disease. It seems like if the first or second time of inquiring about their health wasn’t enough validation, asking more times is bordering on harassment. Do you think Mohamed Hadid and Lisa Vanderpump can patch up their friendship, or did her relentless questions about Bella and Anwar drive a wedge between them?


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