Tom Cruise To Ditch Daughter Suri On Her Birthday Again?

Ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got divorced in 2013, the Hollywood superstar was rarely seen with his daughter Suri Cruise. The actor’s little girl will be turning 10 on April 18, but as expected, he wouldn’t be able to join her in her birthday celebration.

According to In Touch via Hollywood Life, the 53-year-old actor is currently filming his latest movie The Mummy in Oxford, England — that’s why he wouldn’t be able to attend her party. The 37-year-old actress reportedly feels bad for the 9-year-old because she won’t be able to see her father again.

katie holmes, tom cruise, and suri cruise [Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images]This isn’t the first time that Tom Cruise ditched Suri on her birthday, so maybe she’s starting to get used to his absence. A source revealed that it’s been more than three years since the Mission Impossible star visited his little girl.

“Tom’s had plenty of chances to see Suri in the past,” an insider told In Touch.

The possible reason why he has been staying away from his ex-wife and child is the Church of Scientology. The organization labeled Holmes as an SP, which stands for Suppressive Person, and these kind of people are to be avoided by the members.

The screen heartthrob is helpless at the moment, but the magazine claimed that the he is ready to change things and file for child custody. He is reportedly heartbroken seeing his little girl transform into a young woman in pictures only.

Another reason why he wanted to change the primary custody agreement is Katie Holmes’ rumored relationship with Jamie Foxx. The former Dawson’s Creek star is worried that her ex-husband will win the custody battle and introduce their little girl to Scientology.

katie holmes, tom cruise, and jamie foxx [Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]“Tom is planning to make a big effort to spend more time with Suri,” a source told In Touch. “He has the money and the legal clout to re-enter his daughter’s life in a big way. If he wants to play a larger role in Suri’s life with more custody rights, there’s no deterring him.”

According to their source, the Top Gun star is contented seeing his ex-wife raise their young one on her own. However, he got upset when he found out that his former co-star in Collateral may become the second father of his daughter.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx haven’t confirmed their relationship yet for fear of her former husband taking away their child from her. According to Hollywood Life, the 48-year-old performer wanted to go out in public with his girlfriend, but he decided to keep things private to avoid trouble with the Scientology member.

“The last thing he wants is Tom going all ‘Collateral‘ on him. Jamie doesn’t know Tom’s crazy side and he likes to keep it that way,” an insider said. “He’s heard war stories from Katie about what it’s like to be his bad side and he doesn’t want that drama.”

During an interview a few years ago, Tom Cruise finally cleared things out regarding the rumors that he has ditched Suri. Good Morning America reported the actor’s interview where he talked about his little girl, Scientology, and his ex-wife. Watch the video below.

According to reports, the actor only spent 10 days with his child in 2012 and one of the factors for the lack of time with her was his work.

“I would have had to have at specific times flown from London to New York,” he said. “Unfortunately, in this situation it was impossible.”

The interviewer also asked the actor why he has time to fly to a Scientology event and the premiere of Rock of Ages, but not make time for his child like on the first day of her school.

“It’s just a different set of circumstances,” Cruise defended himself. “It certainly does not mean that I’ve abandoned my daughter.”

Tom Cruise also admitted that one of the reasons why Katie Holmes divorced him was because she wanted to protect Suri from Scientology. This revelation may confirm the influence of the religious group on the Hollywood superstar and his decisions on not seeing his child.

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