‘The Jungle Book’ After-Credits Scene: Is There An Extra Spoiler Hidden At The End Of Disney’s New Adventure Movie?

Families who see The Jungle Book this weekend will undoubtedly want to know if there is an after-credits scene, an Easter egg hidden as a treat for those who stick through the entire credits, and they won’t be disappointed.

At least, not entirely.

It’s become something of a tradition for movies to include a final scene that plays after the credits end, either as a way to cap off the movie or to offer a bit of a teaser for a sequel to come. The Jungle Book already runs a bit longer than the traditional kids movie, clocking in at 1 hour and 51 minutes. Those with young kids, especially antsy ones, won’t want to sit through the six to seven minutes of end credits to come up empty-handed.

It turns out that viewers who stay through the credits of the movie will be rewarded, though they won’t have to wait until the end. The Wrap reports that there is no strict after-credits scene in The Jungle Book, but there is a good reason to stay in your seat throughout the credits themselves.

“Judging by pre-release screenings of The Jungle Book, the film does not have any kind of extra content after the credits — no backdoor teaser for a sequel or any other kind of reflection on the events of the film or humorous postscript.

“However, the first part of the end credits is worth staying for regardless, as it features a flipbook-style encore performance of King Louie’s song ‘I Wan’na Be Like You.’ Christopher Walken, who plays Louie, kills it and it’s worth hearing a second time. King Louie also sings it in the film proper.”

The Jungle Book is already getting great marks from critics, including Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times, who said it was the rare family movie that appeals to all audiences, even viewers without young kids. Turan said that fans of Disney’s famous 1967 animated version of the Rudyard Kipling story will enjoy this update upon Friday’s release, “nodding to that cheerful version while giving the new one the kind of tension and jeopardy that contemporary family films seem to insist on.”


The movie creates a fantastic world, one that Turan noted was based on more than 100,000 photographs of real jungles in India. It also carries a fantastic performance from the only human actor, a complete newcomer to the big screen. The role of the boy Mowgli is played by Neel Sethi, who was picked among the 2,000 young actors who tried out — even though he had never acted before in his life.

Sethi, maybe because he is entirely new to the acting scene, had a very laid-back approach to the role.

“I was trying my best ’cause I really liked the role,” he said (via ABC 7 Chicago). “I didn’t really, like, think of it like a whole new career, a whole different lifestyle, but I guess that’s what it is, it’s really cool.”

Viewers will hear plenty of other familiar voices as well, including Bill Murray as the lovable bear Baloo and Christopher Walken as ape leader King Louie.


“Each of these people have very recognizable, distinct, emotional and sometimes funny voices,” said director John Favreau. “Bill Murray is a very unique personality, someone I’ve always wanted to meet and work with. Idris Elba has a great, powerful, booming voice.”

While there may not be an after-credits scene in The Jungle Book, viewers hoping to see more after the roughly 111 minutes end will get their wish as well. There are reports that a sequel is already in the works, with writer Justin Marks and director Jon Favreau returning to tell more of the story of Mowgli and friends.

[Image via Disney]