Amy Adams Cries On Cue, And Explains How Tom Hanks And ‘Forrest Gump’ Inspired Her Wedding

Amy Adams, currently best known for her portrayal of Lois Lane in the new Superman films, who is currently making the rounds promoting her latest film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, made a quick stopover at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, according to the Huffington Post.

Amy Adams and Jimmy Fallon played a quick round of Box of Microphones, a game that had the pair performing random songs to different voices. Kicking things off, Amy Adams sang Rihanna’s “Work” with the voice of Batman. Not only was that a lot of fun, but it was a lot of fun irony to watch with viewers imagining her in character as Superman’s girlfriend.

With Amy Adams being the consummate actress that she is, she can willingly cry on cue. According to Daily Mail, the actress also demonstrated her crying prowess on the Tonight Show.

The given topic was Amy Adams’ love of Sriracha, a spicy sauce made from garlic and red chilli that is commonly served with Thai and Vietnamese food. The Batman v Superman actress turned on the waterworks while discussing how much she loves the spicy sauce and how there were moves being made to shut down the factory in which it is made.

Watch the clip here.

The filming process of the latest blockbuster wasn’t without its internal conflicts for the actress, as Amy Adams found herself feeling self-conscious, according to Mirror.

Having to strip off along with her co-star, Superman actor Henry Cavill, she admitted that she felt insecure just being around him. With men around the world feeling intimidated by his Superman body, fans are not too surprised Amy felt the same way too.

“I don’t know why him shirtless makes me have low self-esteem but that’s exactly what it did. It was like two weeks of working out. I was like, ‘Wait. I’m never going to keep up with Henry.’ But I tried.”

The role was a pretty physical one for Amy Adams as she found herself doing an underwater scene and, as a result, suffering from swimmer’s ear. Amy spoke on the grueling physical experience of the underwater scene.

“I got swimmer’s ear! Actually, I really got two, I got double ear infection! From all the underwater scenes. They give you these drops and they tell you to put them in your ear. And I was like, ‘I’ll be fine’. Then I didn’t do it, and yeah I got it. So it was my own pride and stupidity!”

Henry Cavill spoke on Amy Adams’ difficulty filming the scene, and what he did to relieve his frustrations towards her.

“I got super frustrated [during filming] so I kept on dunking her.”

Thankfully, Cavill and Adams are good friends and Cavill was good-naturedly dunking her, although the additional water exposure probably inadvertently contributed to her double ear infections!

Amy Adams was also recently married, with their one-year anniversary occurring next month. According to Belfast Telegraph, the wedding ceremony was inspired by the Tom Hanks’ film Forrest Gump.

Amy Adams married Darren Le Gallo, an artist, after becoming engaged back in 2008.

Amy was a big fan of the Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump, and especially the scene in which Forrest marries his childhood sweetheart Jenny underneath a tree in a beautiful outdoor setting. Amy appreciated the beauty and significance of the scene and the importance of nature in the film and realized that she wanted that for her own wedding. Amy Adams spoke on why she wanted the theme of the wedding to be the way it was.

“I wanted to get married under a tree. That was important to me. I put my guests on hay bales and we all sat in a semi-circle and did the ceremony under a tree. I fell in love with the idea of a tree watching Forrest Gump. Jenny and Forrest had their tree.”

After having become engaged in 2008, Amy Adams was in no rush to get married. Luckily, she and her fiancé agreed that they were happy being engaged for the time being and that the wedding would happen when they were both ready and when their schedules allowed. Back in 2013, Amy Adams spoke on how she and her husband shared the same idea for the wedding, according to Belfast Telegraph.

“I’m not getting married anytime soon. We both have a very specific idea that we want to do this ceremony in spring or fall, like in those months, but every time I’m busy working. I want something very family oriented and laid back.”

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC]