Jessica Biel Opens Child-Friendly Restaurant, Stocks Free Baby Products And Tampons In The Bathrooms

Jessica Biel is a celebrity who is admired for her fashion sense and impeccable sense of style. However, this was not always the case, especially when fans think back to the 1990s when Jessica Biel was relatively new to showbiz. During her 7th Heaven days, Jessica Biel looked like an unfashionable celebrity but luckily she turned out to be a diamond in the rough.

During those days, Jessica Biel had a casual approach towards fashion and she did not mind showing her tan lines while wearing tube tops at award ceremonies. Additionally, a pair of platform sandals and an ankle bracelet was sufficient for Jessica Biel to make a fashion statement. However, Jessica Biel started taking fashion seriously and in the decade that followed she managed to transform herself into the fashion icon that she is today.

Today, Jessica Biel is careful about selecting the right outfit which makes her look sporty and chic. Us Weekly reports that Jessica Biel features in Matthew Miele’s Crazy About Tiffany’s, a documentary about the famed jewelry store and its impact on pop culture. Jessica Biel was shown flashing her diamonds while drinking her coffee.

In fact, the 2014 Oscar awards night witnessed Jessica Biel seemingly drowned in the elegance of Tiffany diamonds. Indeed, Jessica Biel has come a long way and she is not only enthusiastic about trying out trendy fashion styles, but she is also passionate about channeling her creative energy towards other pursuits like designing an “adult-friendly restaurant for kids.”

Recently, Jessica Biel set up a restaurant named Au Fudge which enables parents to enjoy their lunch or dinner while their children are also having fun in the restaurant. Jessica Biel has experimented with this difficult concept in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles and aims to create a fun space for children that is also healthy and good for them by using food products, groceries, and supplies that are organic, all-natural, and chemical-free. Parents have the option to have restaurant employees look after their children so that they can enjoy their outing comfortably.

A customer review in Pop Sugar reports that the restaurant is a quiet place and Jessica Biel has decorated the interior to delight the senses of her littlest patrons.

The restaurant has a main dining room, a patisserie, a bakery area, a birdhouse, and a restroom stocked with baby products, diapers, wipes, towels, lotions, and creams. And the detail-oriented Jessica Biel has made sure that the bathrooms at her restaurant are well-stocked with all the essential supplies that parents would appreciate.

In fact, Self reported that Jessica Biel has gone the extra mile by stocking tampons in the bathroom. And the actress-turned-restaurateur has paid extra attention to the restaurant hygiene. She claims that parents need not worry when their children are crawling on the floor as the restaurant uses safe products to clean the restaurant floors. The carefully selected team have even carefully considered issues of sustainability in terms of energy and waste management. Jessica’s main intention is to let parents come to her restaurant with their children to enjoy a lunch or a dinner without getting stressed out.

Ultimately, Jessica Biel wants parents to enjoy their life and motherhood on all occasions, even when they are having a meal out in a restaurant. Perhaps her reason for making restaurant dining a pleasant experience for other parents is that she is a new mother herself. The Daily Mail reported that Jessica Biel showed that she’s enjoying motherhood when she was spotted pushing her 11-month-old son Silas along in his stroller while coming out of The Grove.

And just a few days after denying rumors of another pregnancy so soon after the birth of her son, Jessica Biel appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed how enthusiastic she is about following her yoga and fitness regimen as well.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]