Anna Wintour Disses A-Listers And Kanye Behind The Scenes Of The Met Gala Documentary

The Tribeca Film Festival highlighted First Monday In May, which is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of the Metropolitan Museum’s 2015 Art Exhibition, China Through the Looking Glass, and the Gala which kicks the event off, spearheaded by Anna Wintour, Vogue‘s editor-in-chief. But now Wintour is saying that she may have made a fool of herself, and regrets saying many things on tape.

The Daily Mail is reporting that quite a few things have been revealed that Anna Wintour now regrets saying, and she feels as though she has put her foot in her mouth. Wintour now believes that “documentary makers are sneaky people,” which really doesn’t address her less-than-polite comments.


Wintour thought that the film makers were just working behind the scenes, but they didn’t miss a trick, and caught every off-handed comment that was made.

“[They are] very elegant, very kind, and very low key. They just follow you around until you make a complete fool of yourself and say something you deeply regret.”

Wintour insinuated that she put her foot in her mouth more than once, and yes, it was caught on tape. Wintour and her team are seen pouring over the seating chart for last year’s event as if it were life or death, organizing names like Beyoncé, Kendall and Rihanna.


Page Six shared that one of the people on Anna Wintour’s naughty list was the husband of Allison Williams of Girls fame, Ricky Van Veen, who, according to Wintour, had a particularly annoying social habit. Wintour had thought that Van Veen wasn’t attending, but when she saw that he was on the list, it gave her pause. When he was invited the previous year, he allegedly spent the entire time on his phone like a teenager.

“OK,” the editor-in-chief agrees, “can he not be on his cellphone the entire time, then?”

Wintour’s staffer promises that the message has been received, but then, Wintour and minions go on to tear apart the rest of the list.

“We have Dave Franco. And who’s the other one you were saying? Josh Hartnett? What has he done lately? Nothing. You guys are all set. You have Kendall [Jenner].”

It sounds more Lord of the Flies and less fashion gala.


But according to the Daily Mail, Anna Wintour has been caught putting her foot in her mouth once again, and this time, it’s about Kanye West. Many people are angry about her remarks, and they are calling for an apology. It seems Wintour briefly attended the Kanye West fashion show in February (briefly, as she admits to sneaking out early, following Jay-Z’s lead), and described West’s clothing line as “migrant chic,” suggesting a level of shabbiness, a sort of fresh-off-the-boat fashion.

“They put me in this huge VIP section and I was the only person sitting there for about half-an-hour. Eventually, they did turn up and the Life Of Pablo concert started and the migrant chic fashion show started and they were both wonderful.”

Kanye West’s supporters took to social media in droves, calling Wintour names including “indelibly callous” and “clueless ladylike misanthrope.”


Now, Kanye West fans and many others are calling for Wintour to once again apologize for her unthinking characterizations, and work to do better in the future. Wintour has always been known for cutting comments and a seeming inability to mince words.

Do you think Anna Wintour needs to make some apologies, or do you think these razor sharp comments are what is expected of her?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]