San Francisco 49ers Rumors: 49ers Could Trade For Cowboys’ No. 4 Pick And Draft Carson Wentz, According To Mock Draft

Rumors are heating up regarding the San Francisco 49ers and their draft possibilities at pick No. 7. With the 2016 NFL draft only two weeks away, today’s trade between the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans for the No. 1 overall pick has already changed the plans for many organizations. While the 49ers were once viewed as a team that would have a chance to draft either California Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff or North Dakota State Bison quarterback Carson Wentz without having to trade up, it appears as though that scenario may now be unlikely. Regardless, the latest NFL mock draft believes the 49ers will trade with the Dallas Cowboys for the No. 4 overall pick and select Wentz.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 49ers have been linked to Goff and Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch. While conflicting reports are emerging over whether the Rams will select Goff or Wentz, it appears as though they may be leaning more towards Goff. Since Rams head coach Jeff Fisher’s job is not exactly secure, selecting the more NFL-ready quarterback in Goff may be the smart move.


While Lynch has potential, he is viewed to be in a tier below Goff and Wentz. He would make a nice project for 49ers head coach Chip Kelly, but he is probably not worth the No. 7 overall pick. That leaves Wentz as the only realistic quarterback option for the 49ers in the first round, assuming Goff is already off the board.

According to the latest mock draft from CBS Sports, the 49ers will land Wentz at No. 4 after a trade with the Dallas Cowboys.

“Our second trade happens right here. The 49ers are sitting in the 7-spot behind two teams that could very easily move down the board for more picks in the Cowboys and Ravens. Moving up ahead of that Ravens pick allows them to ensure they get their quarterback, which they do in Wentz.”

Since the San Diego Chargers are unlikely to draft a quarterback with the No. 3 overall pick, the only team that could prevent this scenario from happening is the Cleveland Browns with the No. 2 overall pick. Originally expected to draft a quarterback, the Browns are now viewed as a team that is going to move forward with Robert Griffin III, at least for this season. Regardless of what the Browns decide to do, there is a very real chance that they could trade the No. 2 overall pick to a team that is interested in Goff or Wentz.


Besides the 49ers, the team most likely to attempt to trade up for a quarterback is the Philadelphia Eagles. As reported by Bleeding Green Nation, the Eagles are rumored to be enamored with Wentz.

“The Eagles trading up to No. 2 would be weird in the sense that their top guy might be going off the board to the Rams at No. 1. Maybe Philly has the top two quarterbacks rated equally, or maybe they expect Los Angeles to take the one they don’t prefer. For what it’s worth, it’s been reported Doug Pederson loves Carson Wentz. It seems like Wentz is the guy the Rams want, though there’s been some discussion it could be Jared Goff who goes No. 1 overall.”

Assuming the Rams do decide to take Goff, the 49ers may have to think about trading up for pick No. 2. It is going to be expensive, but that may be the only way that they can get their quarterback of the future.

While the recent draft shakeup has made things a little more complicated, rumors will continue to link the San Francisco 49ers to North Dakota State Bison quarterback Carson Wentz. A trade with the Dallas Cowboys for the No. 4 overall pick may be enough to land Wentz, but the 49ers may ultimately have to trade with the Cleveland Browns for the No. 2 overall pick.

[Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images]