Jodi Arias Wants You To Send Her Books

Jodi Arias is reportedly hosting a book drive from prison. MNR Daily reports that the convicted killer is seeking book donations, which can be mailed directly to her, so she and other inmates can expand the collection that already exists in the prison library. Since the Arizona woman is going to spend the rest of her life behind bars, she’s probably going to need a lot of reading material.

Even though beggars can’t be choosers, Arias does have a specific request regarding books that may be sent to her. She doesn’t want erotica, western, or romance. Apparently, the prison library already has an overabundance of these genres and the inmates — including Jodi Arias — are getting bored.

Apparently, Arias has taken to other ways of soothing her boredom. Her commissary shopping list was recently made public, revealing that she may be purchasing toothbrushes to use as sex toys. Jodi has reportedly purchased at least 10 “anti-shank” toothbrushes over a span of three months, but hasn’t purchased any toothpaste. The shopping list also revealed that the convicted killer has needed Beano and zit-cream from the commissary.

Jodi Arias is reportedly outraged and embarrassed about her shopping list being made public. She has claimed that she feels like her privacy was violated. Nonetheless, her embarrassment isn’t stopping her from reaching out to the public in request of book donations.

When many killers go to prison, they eventually fade into seclusion, and rarely get any media coverage. In Jodi’s case, she’s remained a bit of a media sensation while behind bars. Over the past year she’s made headlines for a variety of reasons — from being accused of romancing a juror to video-chatting with teenagers using a prison laptop. Also recently, she got into some trouble when she was insubordinate with a female guard at the prison. Newser reports that Jodi Arias called a female guard a “vulgar” insult, in response to being denied a haircut. When confronted by the prison guard, Arias told her to look up the word on Urban Dictionary. She was punished for this incident and denied contact with anyone outside the prison for a span of time.

Jodi Arias is serving a life sentence after she was convicted of the murder of Arizona man Travis Alexander. The 2008 murder of Alexander became a high-profile point of interest for mainstream media, as well as normal people across the world. That’s not only because of the utter brutality of the slaying, but also the numerous lies and attempts to evade justice that were made by Jodi Arias. Travis Alexander was shot in the head, stabbed and slashed numerous times, and nearly decapitated before his body was left in his home to be discovered later by concerned friends.

At the time surrounding the incident, Jodi claimed that she and Travis were attacked, but she managed to escape, leaving the man to die alone. She later changed her story, claiming that she killed her lover in self defense. A jury of her peers found that the overkill style of killing, along with her stories, did not smack of self defense at all. That is why she was convicted of murder and may never see the outside of a prison for the rest of her life.

Jodi Arias is tired of reading Westerns, romance novels and erotica. She, and the rest of the inmates, will happily receive donations of any other book genre.

[Photo via Twitter/ AZDOC mugshot]