Lisa Vanderpump Quits ‘RHOBH’? Her Weekly Bravo Blog Hints She May Not Come Back Next Season

Social media is on fire with the speculation that Lisa Vanderpump may not return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) next season. According to Lisa’s Bravo Blog, she explains that this is her final goodbye and implies her relationship with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson is over for good. It seems pretty evident that Rinna and Vanderpump are not able to play nicely together anymore. So, the big question on everyone’s mind is, which cast member will be exiting the show?

Lisa ended her blog with, “So I bid you farewell as the curtain drops on the final act…” RHOBH fans know that Vanderpump was trying to be mysterious and cause an uproar by hinting she may leave the show; but, in a way, how much more of the needless drama will Vanderpump subject herself to? She is a very successful woman without the show, and the show (whether it be Vanderpump Rules or RHOBH) gets ratings and viewers because of her involvement. Her fans follow and support her. And, it’s not because Lisa Vanderpump is innocent, either. Let’s face it, she does some outlandish things. But, she isn’t off the rails or mean-spirited at heart. That is the distinctive difference.


“Times when violence has transpired, insidiously aggressive texts have been sent, were all swept aside as the friendship superseded her actions, and I turned a blind eye. Because that is what you do in moments of doubt. You don’t doubt your friend. No longer am I blind, I have seen all I need to. I have complete clarity in regard to their ambitious agenda, their agenda to isolate me from the group, and they have been successful in their endeavor. ED, well I didn’t know her, but LR saddens me…I lament the light-hearted banter we used to enjoy, and I am still mystified how a friendship can be so disposable…”

As All About The Tea points out, it isn’t about who said what about Munchausen’s syndrome anymore. At this point, no one cares who said it or when. Yolanda Foster even stated, at this stage, it is useless to admit saying anything about it because it just doesn’t matter anymore. Lisa Rinna admitted she was the one who started it, but that wasn’t enough. She reportedly felt compelled to state that she said it first only after Vanderpump coached her to say it.

Rinna claimed that she just wanted to clear her conscience about participating in the Munchhausen’s conversation to Yolanda, so she could salvage her friendship with the Dutch former model. Once she did that, she allegeldy made a calculated plan to take Vanderpump (and possibly Kyle Richards) down with her at the Reunion show.


If there is any doubt that Rinna is not capable of harassing a cast member to the point of driving them into insanity, think back to last season how she targeted and turned everyone against Kim Richards — in much the same way as she did to Vanderpump this season. Kim claimed at last season’s reunion that Rinna repeatedly harassed her via text message to the point that she had to shut her phone off. If that wasn’t damaging enough to Rinna’s reputation, Starr Jones alleged that she harassed her on Celebrity Apprentice so badly that she had to contact NBC to get the texts and emails to stop. Do you think if Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, and Kyle Richards turned against Vanderpump, would that be enough to prompt her to walk away from the Bravo series?


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[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Trevor Project]