Trump Polls: Comeback Will Begin With Corey Lewandowski

Donald Trump polls have not been as kind to the GOP front-runner as of late in the face of key losses to Texas Senator Ted Cruz and slippage in the general election scene. But as many analysts are pointing out, it is a little too early to read much into it all.

And then something happened on Thursday (April 14) that could go a long way in revitalizing the Donald’s campaign if he can get past Cruz.

That something would be the exoneration of Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager.

Lewandowski became a bit of a household name after he was implicated in a simple battery charge by former Breitbart journalist Michelle Fields right around the time general election Trump polls started taking a tumble.

NBC News reported that Fields accused Lewandowski of grabbing her “as she attempted to ask Trump a question at a March 8 campaign event in Jupiter, [Florida].”

After looking at the video, Palm Beach County prosecutors saw inconsistencies in both Fields’ and Lewandowski’s stories, with Fields’ claims failing to meet the criteria for criminal prosecution and Lewandowski initially stating he never touched her.

With the prosecutors refusing to pursue criminal charges, it is a definite win for Corey Lewandowski, but it’s also a win for Trump, who refused to disassociate himself with the embattled campaign manager after news of the criminal charges broke.

Trump polls have already started to indicate a comeback, with the Donald looking all-but-clear to capture New York over his current rivals of Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich.

He is also out front in Pennsylvania and Maryland, with less than 500 delegates needed to secure the nomination without heading to a contested convention.

Lewandowski being cleared of the charges he faced only adds fuel to the campaign’s narrative that the media has launched an all-out assault to try and stop him from securing the nomination and the presidency.

By entering into direct conflict with an institution that is, by nature, supposed to be neutral and unbiased, the GOP leader continues to highlight the ways that the system is stacked and protected against political outsiders.

It is a message that you can expect more of from his campaign over the coming months. In fact, he’s already started.

Image via Donald Trump Facebook

Trump polls were also unaffected when he announced that he would loosen the libel laws to go after the press shortly after New Jersey Governor (and failed presidential candidate) Chris Christie endorsed him for President.

From the outset, Donald Trump has been able to control the narrative surrounding his campaign because he has discredited his opponents in the press.

With the resistance the Republican establishment has shown toward clearing the path for Trump to secure the nomination, he has also benefitted from being the “outsider” candidate.

That is not a claim that his probable opponent in November can make as evidenced in this side-by-side breakdown showing where Hillary’s campaign contributions come from versus where Sanders’ originate.

Image via InsideGov

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of Clinton’s finances come from large corporations. Trump polls have been kind to the man thus far because he has repeatedly been able to point out that he is self-funding his campaign.

For better or worse, he has also motivated Republican voters with far greater turnouts across the board than Hillary or Bernie have been able to thus far.

While Clinton still leads Trump at the polls in hypothetical match-ups, like this one from Real Clear Politics, those figures have not been very accurate thus far in the campaign season, and they do not account for what Trump calls his “silent majority” — voters from both parties or Independents who are rarely (or never) politically active.

That’s something Trump polls cannot account for — and probably won’t be able to account for — until November.

But after a month of stumbles, expect Donald Trump to make a comeback as he continues working the narrative that the media is against him, and he heads into three large states with significant leads.

But what do you think, readers?

Are Trump polls about to turn favorable for him again? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore]