‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season 7 To Introduce More New Characters And Negan’s Point Of View

Fans of The Walking Dead still have six long months to wait until we find out for sure who Negan killed. In the meantime, there have been multiple fan theories that point to pretty much every character that was present during Negan’s introduction. While many scramble to figure out the ending to that story, TWD fans might have missed a few other spoilers that have been thrown out there by those involved with the AMC hit.

One of the most exciting bits of information that has been shared recently is the very likely appearance of a whole new world of characters. In Season 6 of The Walking Dead, fans were introduced to Jesus and the people who live in the Hilltop community. They also were introduced to the Saviors, and finally in the last 10 minutes of the Season 6 finale, we met their leader, Negan.

There are a lot more characters in the TWD comic books that have not become a part of the AMC series yet, and based on a few clues, it’s looking like Season 7 will be their time to shine. It was on National Pet Day that the Twitter account for The Walking Dead comics posted about Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva, causing fans to think that the pair will show up in Season 7.

The post was quickly edited and fans have been warned that the person who posted it has no knowledge of TWD spoilers, but the damage is already done and the odds of these characters from The Kingdom showing up in the upcoming episodes is actually pretty good. According to Health Aim, the original caption for the National Pet Day picture of Ezekiel and Shiva said, “You’ll get to meet Ezekiel and Shiva soon enough!”

The writers and directors involved with TWD obviously don’t follow the comic books perfectly, but they still follow them and draw a lot of their plot from events that comic readers are already familiar with, and the introduction of Ezekiel and Shiva comes soon after Glenn’s death at the hands of Negan in the comic books. As a matter of fact, Glenn dies in issue 100 and Ezekiel and Shiva are introduced in issue 108. That’s not too far off, and if writers “stick to the script,” The Kingdom will be a part of the much bigger world on TWD when the AMC hit returns.

As for Negan, whom TWD fans kind of hate right now, there has been talk of the possibility that scenes may be shot from his point of view. With a huge interest in Negan’s backstory and the evolution of the Saviors, it would be interesting to a lot of viewers to see how that group of Negan-worshippers came to be.

“We will see stories from his perspective, but I do think that the guy you see is the guy he is,” Gimple said. “There won’t be this sort of reveal behind the mask, which I think is actually super challenging from a writing perspective for this kind of villain.”

The Walking Dead seems to be taking a different approach to Negan than they have with any other villain in the past six seasons of the show. It’s unclear how long Negan will be around, but he’s certainly going to be a huge part of the story going forward and will impact Rick’s group of survivors way more than just with the Season 6 finale death that fans are still waiting to see. Many cliffhangers in the history of TV have left viewers wondering who the killer is, but have they ever left viewers wondering who actually got killed?

The speculation about who died is still raging on and if TWD execs can keep the secret until Season 7 starts, it might be a miracle. “It goes back to that meta stuff, it goes back to that awareness of all that stuff around the show that we are trying to tend to,” he said. “We are going to try to protect the secret of this to protect the audience experience. I sure hope it doesn’t leak in any way.”

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]