Martin Sheen Responds To Marcia Clark And Doubters Of ‘OJ Is Innocent’ Jason Simpson Accusations

The press in advance of the Martin Sheen documentary, OJ is Innocent is picking up steam, as those who were involved in the original OJ Simpson murder trial are coming forward to cry foul on Sheen’s theory that it wasn’t OJ Simpson who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but instead, it was allegedly Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson. Marcia Clark, the prosecutor on the original Simpson case, says that Sheen is rehashing a tired old theory, but Sheen has a response for Clark and other doubters.

According to the Inquisitr, Martin Sheen truly believes in Bill Dear’s theory that Jason Simpson is the real killer. Many still believe that OJ Simpson murdered his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman in a brutal attack. It seems to be Sheen’s wish that Jason Simpson be charged by a grand jury in the murders so the world will finally see, per the name of the miniseries, that OJ is innocent.


Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Martin Sheen says that Marcia Clark is in no position to criticize his new project OJ is Innocent, because she hasn’t seen it. Sheen, 75, who is producing and narrating the project for the ID network, was taken aback that Clark called Hard Evidence: OJ is Innocent docuseries “offensive” and “nonsense.”

“She hasn’t seen the project yet, so I would reserve judgment. We’re just asking a few questions about the original trial, and there’s a lot of information and a lot of evidence that has never been uncovered before, so, we’re just going to present some questions pertaining to the evidence and see where it lies – that’s all.”

But Clark doesn’t see it that way, as the OJ is Innocent project is based on the book by Bill Dear, which points a finger in the direction of OJ Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson. Sheen would prefer that Clark did not criticize his project of Dear’s theory without seeing OJ is Innocent.


But Marcia Clark’s chief criticism is that Simpson’s son Jason Simpson is being put in an untenable position because, to defend himself, he would likely have to implicate his father.

“[Jason] can’t defend himself,” she added. “What is he going to do?”


E! Online spoke with Martin Sheen on his OJ is Innocent project, and Sheen has a message for doubters and for those who still insist that OJ Simpson murdered his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman. Sheen believes that everyone should watch his series before commenting on whether or not they believe that OJ Simpson might not have committed the murders.

“We got the deal, so let us make the series and then we can have that dialogue.”


Martin Sheen is now questioning those who are questioning his and Bill Dear’s theory that it was really Jason Simpson who committed the murders, claiming that Marcia Clark cannot possibly know what evidence he has found, which will be presented in OJ is Innocent.

“She doesn’t know what we’re going to present.”

But in Sheen’s own words, his entire docuseries is based on the work of Bill Dear and his theory of the crime. Sheen has said that he hopes to have “the real murderer” in front of a grand jury and vindicate OJ Simpson, so Marcia Clark and others who have read the work of Bill Dear have a pretty good idea of the evidence that Martin Sheen will be presenting.


Marcia Clark and others are finding the insinuations and accusations against Jason Simpson to be offensive, as Jason Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson were close despite the divorce.

“They are aiming at Jason Simpson [O.J.’s son,]. That is to me the most hideous thing you could possibly do. He was very close to Nicole, he loved her.”

Sheen says that the series will not debut until 2017, but considering the reborn interest in the case, he is encouraged by the dialogue.

Do you think Martin Sheen is just trying to capitalize on the recent OJ Simpson miniseries?

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