Team Iron Man Lacks Cohesiveness, Gets Easily Tossed Around By Winter Soldier

Team Iron Man is looking rather weak in this new clip. Team Iron Man end up getting thrown around by a Winter Soldier doing his best rampaging Hulk routine. His rampage suggests he has not yet woken up and rejoined Captain America on the good side. It also shows that he is unstoppable, easily tossing around Iron Man, then Sharon Carter, and then even Black Widow proves no match. The new clip shows how incompetent Team Iron Man is compared to the slick teamwork between Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon in another clip released earlier this week.

Of course, this could be earlier in time, before the members of Team Iron Man have gotten a chance to work together much. And not all of Team Iron Man is there. Perhaps if the Vision was there the outcome would be different. And as footage from Civil War trailers have shown, Black Panther seems a good match against the Winter Soldier. The Independent details the relationships between all the characters. As the Civil War comics show, Iron Man and company are the villains, or at least the team that readers empathize with least. Captain America is seen as the hero. That is probably why this movie is Captain America: Civil War and not Iron Man: Civil War, and why Team Iron Man is getting beat up.

But that could be a ruse to fool fans of the comics. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige already explained that they are trying to balance things out for the movie adaptation. It will no longer be so clear to see who is right and who is wrong. He told Entertainment Weekly how he and Marvel plan to even the odds for both sides.

“Certainly if you did a poll from the comics, 90 percent of people would side with Cap. And we didn’t want that. We wanted it to be…we wanted people to be torn.”

So comics fans shouldn’t expect the movie plot to unfold like the comic book Civil War storyline. Marvel wants to create a more complex psychological dilemma than the Civil War comics series dealt with. Marvel wants to create a situation where you might not know who to side with. And the superheroes will likely face the same dilemma as the audience does, all having to pick the right side. As one of the trailers shows, Spider-Man chooses team Iron Man. That might lead into the Spider-Man solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Rumors are swirling about Iron Man joining that film, though Robert Downey, Jr. hasn’t confirmed.

Kevin Feige further explained to Entertainment Weekly how Civil War will reinvent the Civil War story known from comics.

“Arguably in the comics, somebody is more right than the other. In the years after the Civil War comic, Stark was a bit of a villain. He had been labeled the villain.”

Marvel will revive the Civil War storyline in comics with the new Civil War II series. It will come out soon after the movie is released, and will probably be influenced by the depictions the movie shows more than the original comics series. So Iron Man might get a chance in comics to do it over and show people he isn’t the true villain of the dispute in comics, too.

Feige further explained to Entertainment Weekly what he hopes people will be thinking about once the movie is over.

“We wanted people to walk out of the theatre and the argument to be in the parking lot. ‘No, I think Cap was right.’ ‘No, I think Iron Man was right.'”

So that’s why comics fans might see Team Iron Man getting what they deserve with Winter Soldier. But after seeing the movie, Team Iron Man might have gained a lot more empathy from fans.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]