‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Ben Faces A Crisis, Miranda Is In A Tough Spot, April And Jackson Work On Their Differences, And Arizona And Callie Struggle

What can viewers expect from Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Spoilers from the network have been teasing that this is a can’t-miss night of action, and fans are bracing themselves for a great deal of trauma. There are quite a few teasers available for this April 14 show, but knowing show creator Shonda Rhimes, there will surely be some shockers in store.

This week, viewers actually get two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and spoilers indicate that Dr. Ben Warren will be at the center of a dramatic event ahead. Throughout this season, fans have watched as he was criticized for risks he has taken, and it looks like things may come to a head during this next crisis. Dr. Miranda Bailey is in a difficult position in this situation, being both the Chief of Surgery and his wife, and things are about to get tense.

Thursday’s episodes are titled “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” and “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding).” Grey’s Anatomy spoilers share that Ben will end up operating on a pregnant woman without all of the proper equipment on hand. Dr. Alex Karev will have to step in and try to save the mother and her baby, and he’s got some harsh words for his colleague as he throws himself into the situation.

Ben is going to be facing disciplinary action as a result of his decisions regarding this case, and many viewers are feeling a bit worried about the character’s fate. Jason George, who plays Ben, teased Grey’s Anatomy spoilers via TV Guide that fans are not going to like what lies ahead. There has been a running theme this season about how some at Grey Sloan Memorial end up getting special treatment due to the relationships they have with superiors within the chain of command. However, this is apparently about to backfire on Ben.

George says that after this controversial decision he makes in this case, Ben gets special treatment from Miranda, but not in a good way. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers tease that the repercussions he faces as a result of his actions in this case may end up being more severe than what others would have received in a similar situation. Will this be the end of Miranda and Ben’s marriage and the end of Warren’s time at Grey Sloan Memorial?

Thursday night’s episodes bring a lockdown that sparks all of the drama. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers via TVLine indicate that the lockdown is put into place due to a situation regarding a missing child. Karev is concerned that his seriously ill 6-year-old patient has been taken by his father, and Karev is pushing for the hospital to implement its most restrictive measures to protect the patient. This initiates a “Code Pink” to ensure the child doesn’t leave the hospital, but it also creates the situation where Ben is left without access to the equipment he needs to save the pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Jason George shares that during this “Code Pink” he is in a position with Dr. DeLuca and the patient where not only can they not get the equipment they need, but there are escalating complications and nobody can get to them either. Because he is still a resident, his decisions are questioned more deeply than if he were a full-fledged doctor, and Bailey has no choice but to take this very seriously.

The focus during Thursday night’s episodes may be on Ben and Miranda, but Grey’s Anatomy detail that there is action related to April and Jackson as well. As fans saw last week, she was frantic when she overheard tidbits about a possible play by Jackson for full custody once their baby is born, and she filed a restraining order against him without questioning his real intentions. However, he had bucked his mother’s ideas regarding custody and sent April a crib with a note saying that they would manage to work through this together.

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicate that April and Jackson will continue to butt heads during these next shows, but they will also be trying to focus on the baby and setting aside their differences. Will they eventually manage to reconcile and be able to move forward together?

There is a bit of action related to Arizona and Callie coming up in these next episodes as well. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers note that Arizona makes a decision of some sort that may lead to permanent shifts in her relationship with her ex-wife.

After a great deal of drama between these two over the years, viewers have seen Callie and Arizona manage to smooth things over a bit, at least in terms of co-parenting Sofia. However, Grey’s Anatomy spoilers detail that Arizona and Callie may be facing some explosive moments again soon as both women consider changes that leave the other quite worked up.

How ugly will things get for Ben as he faces consequences from Miranda for the decisions made during the “Code Pink” situation? Can April and Jackson come together again and will the baby be healthy? Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama plays out on Grey’s Anatomy.

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