'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Still Not Wearing Wedding Rings, Headed For Divorce?

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin of MTV's Teen Mom 2 unfollowed one another on Twitter at the end of last month, and as divorce rumors swirl, the couple continues to be spotted without their wedding rings.

Although Marroquin once told a fan that he doesn't like to be without his band, explaining that he just doesn't feel right without it, he hasn't been seen with his ring on since an online dispute with Kailyn Lowry in late March. The same goes for Lowry.

In Marroquin's latest photo of himself on Instagram, shared on April 11, he is seen with friends, including two females, and his wedding ring is missing from his ring finger.

"Had a great time celebrating @korrrayy birthday and had to make a stop for some of Mr. Q's @callmefancyy," Marroquin captioned the photo, tagging both of the girls he was with.

When looking at Marroquin's Instagram page, fans will see that the last photograph taken of him with his ring on was shared five weeks ago. Meanwhile, on Kailyn Lowry's page, her last photo with her ring was posted seven weeks ago.

Throughout the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, which aired last year, Kailyn Lowry and Marroquin faced troubles within their marriage.

"We came up with an agreement with [their son] Lincoln. We were going to go our separate ways," Kailyn Lowry said during the Teen Mom 2 reunion in October 2015, according to a report by In Touch Weekly.

The following month, Kailyn Lowry spoke to Radar Online, revealing she and Marroquin were in a much better place after their Season 6 struggles.

"I think it's been hard because I'm a college student and it's hard for me to balance a family life and a social life knowing that I can't relate to a lot of the kids that I go to school with," Kailyn Lowry said. "I can, but I can't at the same time. It's like this weird dynamic and I think just finding a balance where I can have my family and my social life—that's where we have to figure it out."

Although Kailyn Lowry admittedly considered getting a divorce last year, she said in November that the idea was officially off the table, claiming that through therapy, she and her husband were able to better understand one another.

"Javi and I don't fight like we used to," Kailyn Lowry said. "And I think we kind of understand each other a lot better right now... We don't have a whole lot of drama right now and we are just trying to make things work and figure things out."

"I think [it was] Javi recognizing his place in what all of our problems and me recognizing my own, just kind of taking responsibility for our own actions and stuff like that," Kailyn Lowry explained. "Just also having an understanding that we [respect] each other's personal space too kind of helped us."

On April 4, Radar Online shared details of Kailyn Lowry and Marroquin's recent social media spat, claiming it was a photo sent by Marroquin to another female which prompted the couple to unfollow one another. In response to the allegedly racy photo of Marroquin, Kailyn Lowry told a Twitter user her husband was "borderline inappropriate" but later deleted her post.

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[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]