September 10, 2018
Marie Osmond Stuns Fans With News Of Osmond Family Reunion Concert

Marie Osmond stunned fans with a family concert announcement that will be a throwback for admirers of the Osmond family.

Closer Weekly reported that the stunning only sister of the Osmond family is planning her 59th, yes you heard right, 59th birthday blast which includes a special concert featuring the original Osmond brothers, reportedly minus Donny and Jimmy.

"I'm planning my last 29th birthday... in paradise," the veteran entertainer joked on Instagram.

Osmond, who turns 59 on Oct. 13, will celebrate with a planned family reunion concert spectacular in Honolulu, and she's "thrilled" that her wish is coming true.

"I've spent the last 10 years celebrating my birthdays with Donny," she says of her beloved brother on Instagram.

The twosome has had a residency at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the past 10 years.

"This year, I want to work with, and pay tribute to, the original four Osmond Brothers who started it all," she explains. "Without them, there never would have been any of the rest of us performing Osmonds!"

Osmond's brothers Alan, 69, Wayne, 67, Merrill, 65, and Jay Osmond, 63, began their careers singing as a barbershop quartet to initially make money for the required religious missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

They were discovered by Don Williams, brother of legendary singer Andy Williams while performing at Disneyland.

The foursome performed regularly on The Andy Williams Show in the 1960s, their success leading to the brothers' younger siblings Donny, now 60, and Jimmy, 55, joining the group.

"I spent my entire young life idolizing these extraordinarily talented guys," she noted to Closer, convincing older brothers Alan and Wayne to come out of retirement to join her onstage "to perform one last time," joking, "I may have twisted their arms a bit."

Also joining her on stage for the first time will be Osmond's nephew David Osmond.

Osmond is thrilled that her older brother Alan will be joining the festivities as he continues to recover from back surgery.

"Prayers for my brother Alan Osmond who just had back surgery," Osmond noted on Instagram.
"His wife Suzanne told me it's been a very challenging process, but she said the biggest motivation he has had right now is to be in Hawaii next month for our big show. He's so excited to stand on stage again as one of the original Osmond Brothers one last time. Brought a tear of joy to my eye. So excited to see all of you there and sending love & support for a speedy recovery."
Marie Osmond and brother Donny continue their Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel.