Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald Learn About Christian Rap While Anna Duggar Admits 'A Lot Has Happened' [Video]

When you think of rap, you don't necessarily think of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, but in the latest episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, the Seewald family learns what it takes to become a famous Christian rapper. Ben and Jessa took a trip to St. Louis to visit Christian rapper Flame and to learn how they can start doing more mission work in urban areas.

Although no one in the Duggar family seems to know how to define hip-hop, they spent part of the episode trying to do just that. In a lighthearted on-camera interview, Jana confesses that she "wouldn't know how to describe hip-hop music."

Joy-Anna Duggar chimed in by adding it must be "kind of like rock music," while her sister Jinger decided it is "one of a kind." John-David Duggar concluded that someone doesn't "even have to be necessarily an excellent singer, I don't think, to do it."

Tapping into the sound guy's knowledge of the genre, Anna Duggar said hip-hop is "more like talking-singing...a beat, and rappers rap on hip-hop beats." Unsure of her answer, Anna asked someone off camera about her answer and revealed that "the sound guy is telling me what hip-hop is."

Jessa Duggar's husband, however, seems to have a good grasp of the musical genre and indulged his passion for the style by visiting a Christian rapper named Flame, along with his vocalist, producer, and wife, reports Us Weekly. In the episode, Flame reveals that he "met Ben through an email" in which Ben asked to interview the rapper.

It "felt natural and organic, and it was just like meeting people that you've known for years," Flame recalled.

During the meet-up, Jessa Duggar's husband was able to record some of his own music, which featured Spurgeon's voice, after the rapper insisted he could "make you sound amazing in the booth." Although he enjoyed making the recording, it "didn't work out too well," Seewald revealed.

"I could feel that I was hitting a wrong note," Ben admitted in an on-camera interview, adding that even though he knew he was singing badly, he "couldn't hear myself to correct it."

But the real purpose of the visit was to find out how he and Jessa Duggar could become more involved in urban missions.

"It's just amazing some of the things these kids go through in the inner city," Ben said, highlighting one reason he wants to do more mission work.

The rapper advised Ben to "be genuine" and try to work with local churches.

In the same episode, Jessa butts heads with her brothers over the tree house they've been building for the younger Duggar children. The tree house is "fulfilling a childhood dream," Jessa Duggar confesses, explaining why she's getting so involved. Over complicating the simple tree house, Jessa Duggar wonders whether they are "putting lights inside," adding "are we going to have electricity?"

Later, Jessa notes that her brother John-David Duggar is "putting a window unit in," but questions why he is "not insulating" the window. Jana Duggar confesses in an on-camera interview that Jessa "has an opinion on a lot of things and doesn't mind letting us know," while the tree house creator, John-David, tells Jessa that her ideas are "definitely not a priority right now."

The Duggar family also caught up with their sister Jill Dillard, who is in Central America doing mission work of her own. Anna Duggar reveals after the Skype chat with her sister-in-law that it has been "about four months since Jill left for Central America, and I know a lot has happened," adding that "little Izzy [Israel] has changed so much."

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