WWE Rumors: WWE Confirms Bray Wyatt's Injury -- Big Update On How Long He'll Be Out

WWE has dealt with far too many injuries over the course of the past year, and now it looks like they are dealing with yet another big one. Last night at a WWE Live Event in Milan, Bray Wyatt was facing off in a match with Roman Reigns, and then something weird happened. Wyatt was doing things as normal in the ring before he just pulled up lame. Now the company has confirmed his injury, but how long will he be out?

As soon as it happened at the event, the word started making the rounds on social media, and fans let the world know about Wyatt's injury. It was then that WWE.com knew something had to be said, so that was why they had to issue a statement, but it was quite vague.

"Bray Wyatt suffered a right calf injury on Wednesday, WWE.com has learned.

"The injury came during Wyatt's match on the first Live Event of WWE's European tour in Milan, Italy.

"Check back with WWE.com for updates on this developing story."

That was last night, and since then, there has been no further update from WWE. Numerous videos have appeared online showing the injury, and it's being considered by some to have been a "freak accident" more than anything.

Wyatt is seen pushing Reigns forcefully into a corner and instantly pulls up lame on his right leg. Bray Wyatt backs away and is holding onto the ropes while trying not to fall to the mat, but he can't put any weight on it at all.


After this, the referee checked on Bray Wyatt, who tried to continue in the match, but he simply could not keep going. The referee threw the match out, according to WrestleZone, and The Wyatt Family jumped into the ring and attacked Roman Reigns.

Both The Usos and the Dudley Boyz ran out to the ring, and a huge brawl ensued between everyone before it ended with Reigns putting Bubba Ray Dudley through a table. Roman Reigns then delivered a promo to the crowd before being interrupted by Sheamus.

Reigns then beat up Sheamus and thus ended the show.

Wwe rumors bray Wyatt injury Roman reigns time
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It is not exactly known how serious the injury is to Bray Wyatt or how much time he will be out. Numerous reports are stating that it obviously was legitimate, and Pro Wrestling Mag states that it appears as if Wyatt had been "seriously hurt" in the match.

This injury comes at a time when WWE seemed to be planning a serious angle between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt that may have led to a double-turn. This injury could end up putting the plans on the shelf for a while or even nixing them completely if Wyatt will be out any great length of time.

WWE has had to deal with numerous injuries in recent months, and they certainly affected how the card for WrestleMania 32 shaped up. Main event talent has been missing for months, and a lot of others had missed time as well due to injuries.

In the past year alone, WWE has dealt with time missed by these stars.

  • John Cena - Still out
  • Rusev
  • Cesaro
  • Big Show
  • Randy Orton - Still out
  • Luke Harper
  • Nikki Bella
  • Seth Rollins - Still out
  • Brie Bella
  • Daniel Bryan - Retired
  • Jey Uso
  • Sting - Retired
  • Sami Zayn
  • Tyson Kidd - Still out
  • Hideo Itami - Still out in NXT
In the past week alone, there have been reports that both United States champion Kalisto and AJ Styles were also injured at Monday Night Raw and then SmackDown. Reports have since come out saying that the spots in those matches were planned, and both superstars are perfectly fine.

Wwe rumors bray Wyatt injury Roman reigns time
[Image via WWE]

These injuries have made many think that WWE needs an offseason or at least needs to have superstars take breaks throughout the year.

The loss of Bray Wyatt for any real length of time could be absolutely devastating for a number of reasons. Luke Harper is already out for a while after having surgery, and the loss of Bray would seriously hurt The Wyatt Family angle. Not just that, WWE doesn't need the absence of yet another big star and one who was just being thrown into a program with Roman Reigns over the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Hopefully, Bray Wyatt won't be out long due to injury.

[Image via WWE]