Will Kate Middleton Ask Prince William To Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting After Intimate Encounter With Baby Rhino?

Delightful pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William petting a baby rhinoceros on their holiday in India has led many to wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge will now ask her Duke to cease in his support of hunting wild animals for trophies?

Prince William may be hailed as the man who saved the elephants and a staunch crusader for the conservation of wildlife, but is it merely so rich people can carry on killing them in the name of sport?

Scratch Prince William's flimsy facade as the king of conservation and you will find Kate Middleton's significant other is -- like his grandaddy, Prince Philip, who has spent a lifetime killing animals in every corner of the globe -- a keen advocate of trophy hunting.

Prince Philip, not only earned himself a fearsome reputation for killing tigers and crocodiles, but he is also the "President Emeritus" of the World Wildlife Fund. It would, at first sight, appear to be a tough contradiction to bridge, but Kate Middleton's extended family are rather renowned for their hypocrisy when it comes to wildlife.

Two years ago, Prince William indulged in a spot of deer and wild boar killing in Spain. Days later he featured in a high-profile campaign to warn people of the dangers of illegal hunting. Oh, the irony.

And who can forget that picture from 2014 of an armed Prince Harry in Africa staring smugly at the camera with a one-ton water buffalo he had just downed with his power rifle?

Well, Harry can. Only recently, the man of action was pictured lying like a distraught mother across a sedated elephant and snapping like a dramatic teenager with hormonal issues that the slaughter of such animals is "a pointless waste of beauty."

Unlike water buffalos, it would appear, elephants are special "Walt Disney" animals that need saving. The same as baby rhinos, who Kate Middleton delighted in feeding alongside an elephant calf, upon her and the Duke of Cambridge's recent visit to an Indian animal sanctuary at Kaziranga National Park.

Trophy Hunting
The Duchess and Dumbo? (Photo by Arthur Edwards - Pool/Getty Images)

Kate and Will giggled with joy as they fed the little "orphan Annies" and were "delighted" to play parents to the vulnerable creatures being nursed back to health.

It's worth noting that at the Queen's Norfolk home in Sandringham, where the royal family have their Christmas get-togethers, there are 62 stuffed animals including two rare rhinos, a leopard, an Indian tiger, the tusks of an elephant and two lions.

Trophy hunting and the royal family have enjoyed a long and loving relationship with one another through the centuries and down the decades.

But you can't blame Prince William for the thrill killing ways of his ancestors, but you can blame him for his ongoing support of a practice where unsuspecting animals die a tortuous, ignoble, barbaric, and unnecessary death at the hands of white-collared executives who will pay extortionate amounts of money to fly thousands of miles and kill animals from a distance.

After they've maimed them with their telescopic guns or pierced them with their high-powered arrows, the animal might stumble off for a bit, bloodied and in pain as they die a slow agonizing death.

Then in the wake of the all important slaughter-selfie, the animal is then skinned, their bodies left to rot, and their heads cut off by the proud hunter, who'll take it home to add to his or her's trophy cabinet.

Prince William is presumably fine with this as he told ITV news, "commercial hunting is a justifiable means of conserving species that are under threat."

"There's a place for commercial hunting. It's not everyone's cup of tea…but if somebody out there wants to pay money – and it wouldn't be me – but if somebody did, then it is a justifiable means of conserving species that are under serious threat."
Talk about doublespeak!

One can only hope that Kate Middleton's calming influence will put an end to Prince William's passion for bloodsports, but you wouldn't bet your last crocodile tooth on it. Kate is a royal after all and has apparently been bitten by the hunting bug.

Hunger Games Kate
"Go on Kate it's just like Hunger Games. Except are bellies are really full and we're not poor." (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Apparently Kate loves to shoot things, especially peasants -- sorry, pheasants!

[Photo by Arthur Edwards - Pool/Getty Images]