'Pretty Little Liars' Executive Producer Talks Season 7 Finale

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 filming has only just started, but executive producer I. Marlene King has already started thinking about the finale. She has even considered the mid-season and end finale and says they will be much bigger than either of Season 6's.

Season 6 wrapped with the reveal of the Pretty Little Liars twin and that Elliot Rollins was not the sweet doctor Alison had been left to believe. After a series of terrifying moments, she decided to check herself into a mental health facility, giving Elliot a 51 percent stake in the family business and some say over when his wife will be allowed to leave the facility.

It is clear that Elliot has issues regarding Cece Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis, and it looks like he and Mary Drake (Mrs. DiLaurentis' twin sister) want to get revenge for Charlotte's death in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere.

King has said that Charlotte will likely return in Season 7 and in her role as Charlotte. It is likely that this will be through flashbacks, giving viewers more of an insight into Charlotte and Elliot's relationship. King has previously confirmed that Elliot's backstory will be shared throughout Season 7 along with his connection to Mary Drake.

There are many Liars fans who believe Season 7 will be the last. With that in mind, they want to see Emison (Alison and Emily) happen finally and for other strong couples to get back together. There are questions over whether the girls will get their happy endings, but Lucy Hale, who plays Aria, has said that she would like a bittersweet ending after all this time.

Fans will get to find out what happened to Hanna in the Season 6 finale. Is she really dead? Will she die at some point? Uber A's identity, who is also known as A.D., will also be revealed this season. By the time the Season 7 finale airs, there should be no questions left unanswered.

There are rumors that a Pretty Little Liars movie is in the cards, but Just Jared confirms that this is just a rumor. Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily, says that there are no plans yet to move it from a TV show to the big screen, but she would love this opportunity. From her interview, it also looks like Season 7 is definitely going to be the last, at least in the way that it currently stands. There is the opportunity to move onto another set of girls somewhere else in the country.

According to Design & Trend, all the missing information about Uber A's identity will be revealed in the Season 7 finale. This certainly suggests that there are no plans to continue the show after this. Fans will also be happy to know that the show is not going to drag the reveal, as it did with Charlotte's reveal. Fans had to wait five years to find out that Cece was really A and why she did it, but they will only need to wait one year for A.D.'s identity to be shared.

"There will be hints of it within the season. It's a roadmap as we say. There are a lot of twists and turns, but I will say that both season 7 finales (midseason and ender) will be even more epic than season 6."

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will also get various hints along the way for fans to work out the identity. It will be a "roadmap" with various "twists and turns." However, the season will also be very fast-paced with information shared in each episode.

Liars Season 7 has now started filming, and Freeform has confirmed the premiere date for June 21. "Tick-Tock, B***hes" has been confirmed as the episode title, but there is nothing about the titles of the Season 7A or 7B finales yet.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]