Aliens Convene A Meeting In Space? NASA Image Shows Alien UFO Motherships At Point L1 Between Earth And Sun In Space, According To Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

UFO conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted two giant alien UFO motherships, supposedly interstellar spaceships, rendezvousing near point L1 in space, about one million miles (0.01 AU) from Earth. The massive alien UFOs, according to UFO hunter Streetcap1, were photographed by cameras mounted on the SOHO spacecraft, which is also located in the vicinity of the Lagrange point L1.

The Lagrange point L1 is a location in space about one million miles (0.10 AU) from Earth. It is a convenient point in our inner solar system between the Earth and Sun where a body, such as a spaceship, can be "parked," being a point of equilibrium between the gravitational pulls of the Earth and Sun.

The equilibrium at point L1 between counteracting gravitational pulls of the Earth and Sun allows a "parked" spaceship to maintain a stable position relative to the Earth and Sun.

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft launched into space on December 2, 1995, through a joint venture of the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, is also stationed near the Earth-Sun L1 point about 0.99 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun and 0.01 AU from Earth.

The L1 point was chosen as an ideal spot to "park" the SOHO spacecraft because it offers a stable position from which a spacecraft fitted with cameras could enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Sun. From the L1 point between Earth and Sun in our inner solar system, the SOHO spacecraft sends to Earth a steady stream of near-real time solar data that allows for more accurate prediction of space weather.

The fact that L1 offers a point where a body can maintain a stable position relative to the Earth and Sun could also explain why hypothetical alien races visiting our solar system in interstellar or intergalactic spaceships would also chose the vicinity of point L1 for a "space meeting," as UFO hunters suggest.

Going by the contested claims of UFO hunters that our galaxy is teeming with technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that send spaceships to explore our solar system, we could expect that the several L (Lagrange) points -- L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5 -- in our solar system are UFO hotspots.

But until we have spacecraft fitted with cameras parked in other L points (see image below), there is no way to test UFO hunters' hypothesis that the Lagrange points are UFO hotspots. Meanwhile, UFO hunters claim that SOHO images prove that the L1 point is a UFO hotspot.

Earth-Sun Lagrange Points
Lagrange Points L1-L5 in our Earth-Sun system [Image via Xander89/Wikimedia Commons]

According to UFO hunters, such as Streetcap1, who keep a constant watch on the Helioviewer website where NASA uploads the latest SOHO images, there is evidence of regular alien UFO traffic passing between Earth and the Sun close to point L1.

"They are spacecraft travelling past our ESA/NASA SOHO satellite camera on a regular basis at point L1," Streecap1 wrote in a previous report. "Maybe the powers that be will never admit it, but surely common sense tells you that this and other constructed shapes we upload to our YouTube channels prove we are not alone."

Announcing his latest discovery, Streetcap1 claims that the new images from SOHO show two massive alien spaceships rendezvousing in the vicinity of point L1. The UFOs were spotted "in space at point L1, one million miles away [from Earth]," the UFO hunter writes. He also reports sighting a long "white object" that appeared to be moving. But it was uncertain whether the white object was also participating in the alleged meeting of aliens in our inner solar system.

"Two structures in space at point L1, one million miles away," Streetcap1 writes. "Also a white object probably moving filmed over a 19.3 seconds open shutter, appears as a long object. Maybe one of ours meets one of theirs?"

UFO hunters speculated as to why the UFOs were meeting at point L1 close to Earth. Some suggested they could be alien observatories stationed at point L1 to observe or monitor planet Earth. Others suggested the UFOs could belong to two alien civilizations competing for control over our solar resources. According to UFO hunters who claim that alien spaceships park regularly in our solar atmosphere to harvest its energy, two alien civilizations may have decided to avoid an armed conflict over who controls our Sun by convening a meeting in space in hopes of arriving at a mutually agreeable settlement.

A few suggested that one of the spaceships could be NASA's meeting secretly in space with one of the alien races with whom the U.S. government has allegedly signed treaties.

"Wow that is just incredible to see such detail at that distance. It's tough to refute the fact that those are intelligent made ships," a UFO enthusiast gushed. "What is going on near our sun recently. I've seen many images of ships near it, but never two so large and detailed that close in proximity to each other. They would almost certainly be communicating."

Commenting on Streetcap1's latest UFO sighting report, UFO Sighting's Daily editor Scott Waring notes that one of the two ships has a surface similar to a cube. In Waring's opinion, the symmetry of the detailed structure of the cube-like UFO suggests it was an intelligently designed object and not simply an incidental flaw in digital photography as skeptics often argue.

Waring then goes on to point to the perfect "90-degree angles" incorporated into the structural design of the alleged alien ships, arguing that they offer proof of artificial construction. He also argues that the objects could not be bright comets because they leave no trails.

"Its surface is cube-like, but its design denotes intelligence. The 90 degree angles could not be made in nature," Waring writes. "Also these UFO leave no trail like a comet or asteroid would do. One day, humanity will be aware of these species and these ships, miles long will be docked over Earths major cities."

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