What Heidi Cruz Said About Donald Trump's Extramarital Allegations About Her Husband

Heidi Cruz, the wife of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, breaks her silence on her husband's alleged affairs with five different women, calling the reports nothing more than "garbage."

In a previous report, Republican candidate Ted Cruz told Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that he has not had any affairs ever.

He was even quoted as saying, "It's simply not true. I have always been faithful to my wife. I love my wife. She's my best friend in the world."

The news anchor's question was a result of a tabloid report that circulated just last month accusing Cruz of having multiple affairs with different women. The report, published by the National Enquirer, was said to be "utter lies," according to the Senator's camp, blaming Republican front-runner Donald Trump as the perpetrator of the rumors.

On Tuesday, Megyn Kelly sat down with Heidi Cruz for her first interview after Trump made negative comments about her.

When asked about her reaction after GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump retweeted an unflattering photo of her, the senator's wife answered back confidently saying that "I don't tweet." She continued by saying that because of her non-presence in the Twitter world, she has "an ability to completely ignore it."

She then gives a political take on the Twitter hoopla.

"You know it's interesting, the timing of that was right before Ted's sweep, sweeping victory in Utah... But I will tell you I know why we are running this race and it's not for Donald Trump -- it is for the voters of this country, and when you have a husband who is standing by you that is so strong and so unflappable it really gives me a lot of strength. So I really have to honestly say it didn't impact me in the least."

Further in the interview, Kelly went on to remind Mrs. Cruz that Trump has denied all allegations of his involvement in the said report. However, Heidi Cruz insists that she doesn't buy any of it.

She added, "Well, I have no doubt these things are made up in certain place for a certain reason."

Trump has always been known to be long-time friends with National Enquirer publisher David Pecker. More importantly, the publication has even endorsed the business mogul's presidential candidacy.

During her sit-down interview with Kelly, Heidi Cruz was also asked her opinion of Trump, to which she responded with a safe answer.

She said, "I think it's good for the party that we've had a wide and varied field. We started with 17 candidates -- that's a great thing. People want to participate in the political process because it matters. And you know, one thing I think has caused increase turnout is there have been a couple of candidates who have talked about fighting for people, who have addressed and spoken out on some of the real issues of the day."

She goes on to say that her husband, Senator Ted Cruz, is one of those candidates who can address the real issues of the citizens of America.

In the Kelly File interview, Heidi Cruz continued to address the rumors as "another example of Donald Trump engaging in the politics of personal destruction, using his henchmen to go out and destroy others when he is losing." She also goes on to say that she believes all these made-up stories accusing her husband of having multiple extramarital affairs wasn't released early on the campaign because the New Yorker felt he was doing very well.

It was Trump campaign social media director Dan Scavino who reportedly spread the extramarital allegations on Twitter after the story was published on March.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]