'The 100' Season 3: Could Raven Become The New Commander?

Right now, Ontari is pretending to be the new Grounder Commander in The 100 Season 3. However, is it possible that Raven could become the new commander instead? The trailer for Episode 11 certainly hints to the possibility.

Ontari is the only Nightblood in the show. While there was a mention of Luna and her possibly becoming the next commander, she has not yet been seen. As Outer Places states, Ontari's character has not yet been established enough, and Luna has only just been mentioned. Considering the role the new commander would have on the show, fans would unlikely want to see either take it on. They want someone they already like and have a relationship with on The 100.

This is where the idea of Raven becoming the new Grounder Commander comes in. While Raven is not a Nightblood — fans saw just last week that her blood certainly runs red — there is still the ability to turn her blood black through gene therapy. This is how Becca managed to become the first commander. Why would her blood need to be black? The Grounders have already confirmed that the chip would kill someone with normal blood, which is why Clarke (or even Octavia) cannot yet become the new commander.There is something different about Raven, though. In Episode 10, she was completely taken over by A.L.I.E when she finally gave in to stop the pain. Lindsay Morgan's acting made it very clear that she was A.L.I.E and no longer herself. This is the first time A.L.I.E has been able to do something like this, and it has led to the theory that Raven is somehow a descendent of Becca, the person who created the chip in the first place and started the nuclear war.

The 100 had to show the gene therapy for a reason, and it was not just to see how the black blood started. It must have been foreshadowing for a later episode, opening the possibility of one of Sky Crew becoming the Grounder Commander after Lexa.

What about the current chip? There is a theory that the second chip will override the first. It is an upgrade, and in most cases when it comes to technology, an upgrade will override the older version. Clarke, Bellamy, and Jasper could then also learn all about the gene therapy and how to save Raven if she does indeed start to die from the chip. During the trailer, Raven says something about being able to see Clarke's mother. Abby would have more of an idea of how gene therapy would work, and it seems that some abilities are shared through A.L.I.E.

Another possibility is that Raven will definitely die, according to Melty. The 100 fans have already had to go through the controversial deaths of Lexa and Lincoln. Jason Rothenberg made it clear that being a series regular does not stop someone from dying, and that may have been a hint that fans will need to say goodbye to Raven. The question is whether that will be due to the current chip or because Clarke decides to add in the new chip to try to save Raven.

Fans may not take kindly to another character death, especially one like Raven. It would also be too soon off the back of Lexa and Lincoln's deaths. Morgan has not shared whether or not she will be leaving The 100 yet, and it is possible that Clarke, Bellamy and Jasper do find a way to save her; maybe even somehow with Monty's help, considering he knows so much about technology.

The 100 continues on Thursday, and fans will get to know whether Raven will indeed survive and whether she is receiving the Flame.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]