Will Kim Jong-Un Be The Bullet That Triggers World War 3? Tubby Tyrant Prepares To Launch Two Missiles Capable Of Destroying U.S. Territory

Tim Butters

Tomorrow, Kim Jong-un will watch as North Korea launches two missiles capable of destroying U.S. territory -- will this be the bullet that triggers World War 3?

Kim will launch the missiles to mark the birthday of his grandfather Kim II-Sung, the tyrannical founder of the reclusive nation, and U.S. defense officials are very nervous.

Little Kim Jong-un and his crazy haircut, his peculiar waddle, his destructive love of cheese, and his peculiar mannerisms – which resemble a poor man's James Bond villain – have been the source of much amusement in the Western world.

However, the reality is that, while little Kim may resemble an obese geek with a terrible fashion sense, the tubby tyrant is a an extremely dangerous player on the world stage, more than capable of loading the bullets that could trigger World War 3.

He may come across like the best super villain which Marvel never created, but Kim has nuclear capacity, and he's not afraid to use it.

The Express reports that nervous U.S. officials have confirmed that America is preparing for a North Korean missile attack on its soil and have called for major investment into the missile defenses in the U.S. to nullify the threat of loose cannon Kim Jong-un and the possible outbreak of a World War 3 scenario.

"Officials believe the hermit nation's missiles cannot currently reach the U.S, but warned it is only a matter of time as North Korea's capabilities will increase."

US defense chief Brian McKeon informed a Senate hearing that North Korea's nuclear and missile program posed a developing threat to the US and its allies in East Asia, and the country has already demonstrated "technologies applicable to a long-range missile."

The officer responsible for defending U.S. air space, Bill Gortney, believes that although intelligence assessments have reported that North Korea's ability to hit America is low, it is wise to assume the worst when it comes to the brainwashed nation.

"We don't base our readiness levels on that low probability… We are prepared to engage that particular threat.

"Eventually, we assess that this low probability will increase, that's why the investment to have us outpace that technology is absolutely critical."

"Eventually, we assess that this low probability will increase, that's why the investment to have us outpace that technology is absolutely critical."

The missiles have a range of more than 1,800 miles and are capable of reaching Guam – a U.S. territory in Micronesia, in the Pacific.

U.S. air space officer Gortney concurred with a South Korean assessment that North Korea was more than capable of putting a nuclear warhead on a medium-range missile that could potentially create havoc in South Korea and most of Japan.

Fears that Kim's egomania could trigger World War 3 were further confirmed by Gortney, who said that China no longer exerted the same control over North Korea it once did.

"It's safe to say that North Korea's ally China no longer exerts the level of potential controlling influence it once had now that Kim Jong-un is in power."