Is Louis Tomlinson Still Sleeping With Freddie's Mom Briana Jungwirth?

Louis Tomlinson is currently in a relationship with actress Danielle Campbell, but could it be an open relationship?

Now is reporting that Louis' baby mama Briana Jungwirth wants a second child soon.

There does not seem to be any new man in Briana's life -- perhaps she wants to give little Freddie a full, not half, sibling. All Briana needs to do now is seduce dashing Louis Tomlinson when he pops around to collect the baby carrier and begin his visitation period.
The first time Briana seduced Louis, she reportedly did it with a sexy nightclub dance, according to Dolly. Will the blonde be taking her act from the club to her Calabasas home?

Briana had better watch out -- she has planned her seduction dangerously close to the time of the now-infamous incident when Kanye West taunted a rival with the line "you let a stripper trap you."

Louis' best friend Liam Payne is a huge Kanye Went fan -- perhaps the Wolverhampton hunk taunted Louis with a similarly cheeky line when they reunited on the Brits red carpet. Louis and Liam were photographed engaging in various types of mocking and sexually-suggestive horseplay.

"Liam: Well, you're a dad now.

Louis: I'm daddy cool!"

We may never know if it was Briana's vixen-ish dance floor performance that changed Louis' life forever, as her friend Jack suggested to Dolly mag. What is certain is that Louis and Briana love their son, Freddie, deeply and that the infant seems to be getting more adorable every day.
Recent events like Briana following Louis on social media, coupled with the Baby Number 2 revelation in Now Magazine, have prompted some to speculate about whether Briana and Louis are getting close again.

There has long been speculation about whether Louis and Danielle are really together, and if they are, whether they are exclusive. When Louis and Danielle traveled to Chicago together, Larry theorists, who assumed Danielle was a "beard," expressed their amusement that Louis was apparently hooking up with other girls.

One person laughed that this is "disrespectful to the beard."

A possible non-Larry explanation is that Louis and Danielle are in an open relationship. Louis Tomlinson wouldn't be the first One Direction member to opt for this -- Harry Styles is rumored to be a fan of such arrangements and even wrote Ariana Grande a song about the topic, according to the Daily Mail.

Another possibility is that Briana has not seduced Louis again, but would really like to.

It's interesting that the new Now article is written by Joshua Fox, the ever-more-prolific writer who tricked Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith into giving him that unauthorized interview. In his new article, Fox does not cite any sources. He does not even use the phrase "a source says," he simply makes big claims about Briana's "big plans" for a second baby. Could the sneaky author have done something dodgy to get his new scoop?

Did Briana reach out to him and offer him the Baby Number 2 scoop as a way of intimidating her rival Danielle Campbell?

Have Briana's very vocal mother and grandmother been in touch with the Now reporter? Do the territorial Jungwirths feel in sync with Joshua Fox now that he has made an enemy of Louis' longtime love Eleanor?

Whatever the case, Louis has made it clear that he is on team Danielle, liking her pictures, introducing her to his son, and telling friends that the actress has been his rock throughout his transition to fatherhood.

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