Niall Horan To Battle Bono For Award, But Is Not Buying A Farm

Niall Horan was recently rumored to be in Chicago, but he may need to start gearing up for a battle at the Billboard awards with Bono. Niall Horan is also creating new music without One Direction that has charity in mind. However, what Niall Horan will not be doing is farming.

Despite rumors circulating in early April, Niall Horan will not be buying a farm with Bressie. Instead, the Westmeath Examiner clarifies on April 12 that a spokesperson for Bressie said it was actually paperwork related to a music startup and stated the following.

"The reason for the confusion is that when the firm's new venture was registered in October last year, whoever filled out the form mistakenly stated that its 'principal activity' is growing vegetables."
Does this mean that Niall Horan might be filing the paperwork for a new studio similar to Louis Tomlinson's 78 Productions?

Rory McIlroy, Niall Horan were not able to see victory at the Augusta Golf Masters
Rory McIlroy and Niall Horan were like disappointed when the Augusta golf event ended. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Although the "venture" has not been clarified, what Niall Horan might be doing in Ireland with random music industry people is having a mini-vacation. According to Irish Examiner, Eoghan McDermott claims Niall Horan has wanted him to travel to Ireland with Hozier. Eoghan McDermott goes on to say the following.

"We have said that a gang of us, there's about seven or eight of us that used to hang around in London when we were all there, would love to go just to Connemara for a little while… If schedules permit it would be deadly."
While in Ireland, Niall Horan may need to think about how he will react when he sees one of the top Irish pop stars (besides Niall himself).

According to Gossie, Niall Horan's One Direction and Bono's band U2 are up for the same award for Billboard's Top Duo/Group and Top Touring Artist. The battle between these two Irishmen will take place at T-mobile Arena on May 22 in Las Vegas.

For now, Niall Horan's last rumored location is Chicago, and he might be headed back to Ireland or England in the near future to prepare for the Horan and Rose charity event in late May. On the other hand, Niall Horan could also be in America taking mini-trips in places like Chicago while following the months-long PGA Masters tour.

As it appears, one of those possible detours Niall Horan may have taken was to Chicago to visit a "friend."

According to The Sun, Niall Horan claims he met Jenni Burns at a hotel in Chicago in 2014... and she is just a friend, but he liked her enough to pop by. Also reported around April 10, OK states Niall Horan fans were tweeting about their hopes that Jenni Burns was not Niall's next romantic interest.

Nevertheless, it is more likely that Niall Horan has been paying attention to his golf management agency, his dedication to charity, and his upcoming celebrity golf cancer fundraising event.

After spending time in Augusta, Georgia, watching his friend Rory McIlroy in the Golf Masters events around April 8, Niall Horan may have departed during a difficult time for Rory.

Despite this, Belfast Telegraph explains that victory is not over for Rory McIlroy yet, and we might see Niall Horan at his side in the near future.

Niall Horan, Justin Rose are music makers and golf lovers.
Niall Horan and Justin Rose are allegedly making music for their charity event in late May. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Although watching golf, having celebrity golfer friends, and starting a golf management company are now part of Niall Horan's world, one interesting direction he has been going is creating music with golfers.

PGA writes on April 12 that Niall Horan is teaming up with Justin Rose to write songs for their charity. Their reference is Justin Rose's

/a> account, and he posted a picture with Niall Horan captioned with "Writing a few songs with Niall Horan for the #HoranRose charity event in May."Interestingly, Niall Horan is also listening to music through golf-related devices. In his most recent Instagram post, Niall Horan took a picture of his new Rory McIlroy green Bose headphones.

[Picture by David Cannon/Getty Images]