Twitter Down: Did Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, And The Golden State Warriors Break Social Media?

Tonight is a big night in the NBA, and it's possible that all the excitement quite literally broke Twitter. On the last day of the regular NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers are celebrating Kobe Bryant's last day before retirement. On top of that, the Golden State Warriors are pushing to beat the Chicago Bulls record for most wins in a season, and their franchise player, Stephen Curry, is trying to make his own record of being the only NBA player in history to sink 400 three-point shots in a regular season. That's a lot of excited fans for Twitter to handle, and when the social media site went down, it's a safe bet that basketball is to blame for it.

Kobe Bryant is finishing the 2015-16 season and his career in a home game against the Utah Jazz. Ticket sales for the historic game were reportedly much higher than usual despite another dismal season for the Los Angeles Lakers. To make the evening even more special, Kendrick Lamar is narrating the ESPN tribute to Kobe that is said to be the perfect farewell message to the Lakers' most famous player.

Bryant isn't the only NBA superstar making waves on the final night of the NBA regular season. His rival, Stephen Curry, is also giving fans a game worth watching, but doesn't he always? If Curry scores eight 3-point shots on the final night of the NBA season, he will be the only professional basketball player in history to score 400 three-point shots in a single season. Not to mention, he already holds the record for the most three-pointers in a single season so he's beating his own record. If Curry stays on this path, he'll easily overcome Ray Allen, who holds the record for the most three-point shots in their career. At the time of this writing, it's not even halftime in the Golden State Warriors game yet, and Curry only needs to make one more three-point shot to literally make a new record category with more than 400 in a season.

To make the end of the NBA season even more exciting, the Golden State Warriors are fighting for a record of their own. If the Warriors win this final game of the season, they will beat the Chicago Bulls record from the 1995-96 season when they won 76 regular season games. Right now, the Golden State Warriors have already tied the Bulls' long-standing record when they beat the San Antonio Spurs on Monday in a game that would have made history no matter who the winner was. If San Antonio had won the game, the Spurs would be celebrating an entire season of undefeated home games. It's safe to say that they aren't too pleased with the Warriors right now.

There really are only two big basketball games on, but the hype surrounding both of them seems to have overloaded Twitter, causing the social media website to go down. Kobe Bryant has been trending on social media all week as athletes and fans get ready to say goodbye to one of the NBA's favorite players of all time. The buzz is also around Stephen Curry's crazy three-point records and the Golden State Warriors possibly overtaking the Chicago Bulls' nearly unbeatable win record of 72-10. Fans have been waiting all season long for this night, and the NBA has delivered more drama and edge-of-your-seat thrills than any top-ranked television show. Even Barack Obama tweeted about how exciting the last night of the NBA regular season is going to be. That was before Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and the Golden State Warriors literally broke Twitter.

[Image via Twitter]