Yolanda Foster Reveals She Doesn't Regret Having A Prenup

Yolanda and David Foster's marriage is over, surprising everyone. They have been through a lot as he watched her battle Lyme disease, and now, Yolanda is feeling a lot better, but her marriage couldn't make it through. Us Magazine shared that Yolanda is now revealing that she doesn't regret the fact that she had a prenup with David. This is all because Yolanda married for the right reasons.

Yolanda made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and she shared her thoughts. Yolanda admits to being shocked herself, just like everyone else, that her marriage fell apart. She revealed that she found out her marriage was ending on November 15, and just two weeks later, they made the big announcement. They also aired a small sneak peek for the upcoming reunion for RHOBH. During the reunion show, Yolanda will talk about how she changed being sick all the time and that it is really hard for a man to take care of someone who is sick all the time. She doesn't feel like David should be criticized for it, though. This will all air on an upcoming episode.
Yolanda Foster did share that she is speaking to David, but it doesn't sound like they will be working it out. Yolanda doesn't mind the fact that she made the decision to sign a prenup because she shared that she married for love and not for money. There's no word on what all Yolanda was able to get out of the divorce.

E! Online shared why some fans are even more shocked that David and Yolanda couldn't make their marriage work in the long run. On the big RHOBH finale, fans finally got to see when Yolanda Foster revealed that they were getting a divorce. Yolanda spoke to her friend Erika Girardi and explained all of her thoughts.

"We were just two normal human beings that were going through the ups and downs of a marriage while [battling chronic illness,] business, children, step-children, life. It was just really tough. If you stop making each other happy, you shouldn't be together. My life has changed 180 degrees. In time, David and I are going to be great friends. Just because the marriage didn't work anymore, it didn't change the fact that I still love him."
Yolanda and David Foster did seem like they had a great marriage this entire season of RHOBH. It came as a shock when they revealed that their marriage was over. Yolanda is taking some of the responsibility for their split, though. She knows that her health was part of the issue at least, even though she couldn't control that at all. She revealed her thoughts.
"You know David has lost his wingman. He married a woman who was a social butterfly, always out doing and doing. Then all of a sudden I get sick. I am a shell of the woman I used to be so yes he gets impatient. We've been trying to work through all the ups and downs. This is my journey but unfortunately, it's out of my control."
Were you shocked to hear that Yolanda and David Foster were getting a divorce? Did you think that these two would find a way to work it out? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion when it airs on Bravo. You know that these next few weeks of episodes will be full of drama.

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