'Outlander' Season 2 Spoilers: Jamie Heads To A Brothel To Meet Prince Charles

Outlander Season 2 is only one episode in, and fans are already looking for spoilers to find out what will happen during the rest of the season.

Entertainment Weekly reports that this week's episode of Outlander is going to be another great one, as Jamie will be asked to meet with Prince Charles himself, but it won't be at a grand party or in a secret office. Jamie and the Prince will meet at a Parisian brothel.

In a newly released clip, Jamie and Claire receive a letter from Jamie's Jacobite cousin, Jared, and he has delivered good on his promise to introduce Jamie to the Jacobite leaders. The Frasers are surprised to see an invite for Jamie to meet Prince Charles himself, which officially kicks off their plans to stop the Jacobite rebellion and save the Highlanders.

Outlander Season 2 Spoilers: Claire and Jamie settle in to life in Paris.
[Image via Starz]It seems that there will be a lot of new characters introduced during the second episode of Outlander Season 2. Viewers will not only meet Prince Charles, but also many of the French characters from the book series. Claire's much talked about red Parisian dress from the promo photos will also make its appearance in the episode, as it appears that Claire and Jamie will be invited to a lavish party, which will introduce them to the Paris social scene.

The episode, titled "Not in Scotland Anymore," will also feature more about Jamie's hand injury, which he suffered late in Season 1 when Captain Black Jack Randall crushed his hand with a hammer and nailed it to a table before continuing to torture and rape poor Jamie in a prison cell.

In another clip from the second episode of Outlander Season 2, Jamie tests his newly reconstructed hand by sword fighting with Murtaugh. Jamie and Murtaugh give the people a bit of a show as they go head to head with their blades. Jamie's hand looks weak, and he seems like he may want to give up. However, Murtaugh, who has already said he loves Jamie like a son, won't let him. Murtaugh encourages Jamie to be strong and not let his injury define who he is silently throughout the battle.

This could be a good metaphor for all that has happened to Jamie. Will he let the terrible things he's had to endure in the past define who he is, or what he will become? With Claire by his side, Jamie is stronger, but the memories he holds of his time with Black Jack Randall, including the floggings, rape, and torture, will continue to haunt him, likely for the rest of his life.

Outlander Season 2 spoilers: Jamie tests his hand in a sword fight.
[Image via Starz]Outlander fans now know that Claire is forced to leave the 18th century and return back to her own time in the 1940s due to a promise she makes Jamie about keeping herself, and her unborn baby, safe during the Jacobite rebellion, which happens despite the Frasers' attempts to stop it.

When Claire returns home to her first husband, Frank, she learns that the Scots lost to the British during the rebellion, and believes that it's likely Jamie died on the battlefield like he told her he would if his people were to lose. Claire is now back with Frank after two years away and is currently pregnant with Jamie's baby.

Frank has agreed to raise the child as his own, but makes Claire promise to never tell the child about Jamie. Frank also made it very clear that he won't share Claire with Jamie's memory, and that she needs to stop searching history books for signs of what happened to him. Viewers can expect to see more of Claire and Frank's story as well as Claire and Jamie's journey as the season continues.

Fans can find out what's in store for Claire and Jamie during Outlander Season 2 on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. on Starz..

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