'Dying To Be Loved': Watch Lifetime TV Movie, Starring Former 'Days Of Our Lives' Actress Lindsay Hartley

Dying To Be Loved is a thrilling new movie that will be premiering on the Lifetime Television Network this Saturday, starring former Days Of Our Lives actress Lindsay Hartley, according to Soaps. All year, dedicated viewers have enjoyed the most riveting Lifetime movies, which are sometimes inspired by, or based on, true stories.

This weekend's feature is directed by Paul Shapiro and written by Stephen Lyons. Formerly named A Mother's Suspicion, Lifetime TV's Dying To Be Loved stars the following cast members: Lindsay Hartley as Jill Yates, Paloma Kwiatkowski as Emily Yates, Dan Payne a Connor Hodges, Jedidiah Goodacre as Gary Smith, James Pizzinato as Ritchie Smith, Jay Brazeau as Al Jennings, Chilton Crane as Mrs. Smith, Martin Cummins as Gerald, and Marci T. House as Officer Morse.


Dying To Be Loved Lifetime Movie Synopsis

Dying To Be Loved centers around attorney Jill Yates, a loving mother who is enjoying a sweet spot in her life. Her 18-year-old daughter, Emily, has started her freshman year in college, and Jill has a handsome fiance named Connor, a tenacious businessman who is looking forward to exchanging "I do's" with Jill.

Emily seems to be getting along in college just fine and has even met a man of her own. Jill is looking forward to meeting the young man who has stolen her daughter's heart, especially since Emily has dealt with depression over the years. But, Jill's hearts skips a beat when she finally meets 25-year-old Gary, a quick-tempered young man who seems to have a violent edge.

Like any good mother, Jill does her best to warn her daughter about Gary, but Emily refuses to listen and seems to draw even closer to Gary after her mother's warnings. Jill and Emily's lives are turned upside down after Emily is arrested for the murder of a man that Gary killed during a tragic road rage incident. Now instead of enjoying college life, Emily might be headed to prison after police find her fingerprints on the gun that was used in the road rage killing.


Meanwhile, Gary is facing a slew of charges and can't seem to part from Emily. He then convinces her to run away with him and entices her into a suicide pact.

Jill is grief stricken after she reads her daughter's suicide note and learns about a video showing both Emily and Gary leaping to their deaths. Now, Jill questions if they really went through with the double suicide, or if one of them faked their death. In a race for time, Jill sets out to find the truth, while hoping to bring her daughter back home alive.


Bio Info On Former Days Of Our Lives Actress Lindsay Hartley, according to Hallmark Channel.

"Hartley appeared in 'Grease' on Broadway as Sandy in 1996. In 1999, she won the role of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald on 'Passions,' filming almost 1,300 episodes until 2008. Hartley also co-wrote the song 'Kiss Me,' which she performed on 'Passions' in 2000. Following her work on 'Passions,' she was cast as Arianna Hernandez in 'Days of Our Lives' until 2010, when she was chosen to play the role of Cara Martin on 'All My Children.'
In researching this movie, Inquisitr uncovered a true story of a couple who entered suicide pacts.

In the U.K., 18-year-old Mert Karaoglan and 15-year-old Charleigh Disbrey left a video for their friends and family, which showed the teen couple holding hands as they stood on top of a bridge. According to the Mirror, Mert and Charleigh, who came from different cultural backgrounds, were being kept apart -- something which caused excruciating emotional pain for them. Since, no one wanted them to be together, they decided death was the only way to make sure they would be together forever.

Dying To Be Loved was filmed in Canada and is produced by Pender Street Pictures 4 with distribution by Reel One Entertainment. Tom Berry, David DeCrane, and Gilles LaPlante act as executive producers on the movie.

Take some time this weekend and watch Dying To Be Loved this Saturday at 8/7c on Lifetime. Last weekend, Lifetime rolled out another thrilling moving called Stranger In The House.

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