'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis Says Thomas Ravenel Saw Her On Date With Another Man

During her appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live a little more than a week ago right after the Southern Charm Season 3 premiere episode aired, Kathryn Dennis made clear that she and Thomas Ravenel are not together and that she'll never get back with him. So now that Kathryn has once and for all decided to move on from Thomas, has she already begun dating other men? In an interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish posted on Wednesday, Kathryn talked about her current dating life.

Kathryn revealed that she has gone on "a few dates." Yet on one date, she was still reminded of her history with Thomas, since he literally popped up right in front of her.
"Thomas showed up to one. He saw me through the window."
Kathryn admitted that dating for her is hard since many men think that she has "baggage" from her relationship with Thomas, whom everyone in town knows.
"It's been really difficult to date because Charleston's small, everyone knows Thomas."
Kathryn also admitted that her tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship with Thomas has soured.
"I think I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to men now. They're gonna have to be a Mother Teresa-type man...It's gonna take a long time for me to not be cynical and jaded about men."
Kathryn went on to describe the man she's looking for.
"Honorable, like they respect you, they don't cheat on you, they love you. I mean, just the normal stuff. But it's very difficult to find in this day and age. There are so many distractions. But I like them tall, dark, and handsome."
While Kathryn Dennis already has two children with Thomas Ravenel, she's actually hoping for more, not with him but with the man she'll eventually marry. Kathryn said that she wants a huge family.

As for Thomas, Kathryn hopes that she and him can successfully co-parent for the sake of their kids. Kathryn revealed that she and Thomas don't currently communicate with one another.

"That's the goal. I can do it, and I'm confident that God will work it out somehow. I think it's gonna take a lot of time for him. We don't communicate at all right now, so I don't know what his brain is doing, if he's moving in that direction. I hope so."
Kathryn's volatile relationship with Thomas has played out on Southern Charm. On Season 2, despite the birth of their daughter, they fought frequently and lashed out at one another, both on the show and off the show via social media and interviews. On the Season 2 reunion show, Kathryn said that Thomas wasn't properly supporting her, emotionally and financially, and they both accused one another of cheating when they were together.
To many people's shock, they announced in September 2015 that they were expecting a second child. In an interview with People, Kathryn admitted that the pregnancy was not planned and happened during a brief reconciliation period of a few days. She gave birth to their second child, a boy, in November 2015.

Yet despite the birth of their second child, the attacks have continued. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, right after their son was born, Thomas accused Kathryn of doing drugs while in her second trimester. Just a few days ago, Thomas even proclaimed that he's getting their son checked for damages from Kathryn doing drugs while pregnant. That tweet has since been deleted.

The Season 3 premiere episode that aired two weeks ago showed Kathryn, heavily pregnant, living with her parents. She admitted that she was so shocked that she was pregnant, resulting from a few days' reunion with Thomas, that she took 30 pregnancy tests to confirm it. She criticized Thomas, whom she was shown sending a nasty text to, for not stepping up to the plate.

Besides Kathryn's drama with Thomas, there's also the drama with her co-stars. The latest episode, which aired on Monday, showed Kathryn being excluded from a dinner party at Cameran Eubanks' home. With the exception of Craig Conover, who stuck up for Kathryn, the other starring cast members have made clear that they would rather stay away from her.

It seems that the Southern Charm cast is still pretty much divided between Kathryn Dennis and everyone else. On Monday, Whitney Sudler-Smith posted a short video of the cast, everyone except Kathryn, watching the latest episode together.

[Image via Kathryn Dennis on Instagram]