September 11, 2018
Justin Bieber Accuses Neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz Of Running Secret Porn Company

Remember when Justin Bieber egged that house back in 2014? Well, litigation in that case is still currently ongoing -- as Bieber's neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, sues the pop star for emotional damages caused by the incident of Bieber throwing an egg at his house.

The situation has been moving at the usual snail-like pace courtrooms have become famous for, but took an incredibly odd twist as of late when Bieber levied an allegation of his own against Schwartz. Apparently, this emotionally distressed victim of Bieber's egged-on attack is secretly deeply involved in the porn business, reports TMZ.

In a case that has dragged on for several years now, Schwartz and his wife have been pressing forward with a lawsuit lays the blame for the emotional distress they have been coping with in the hands of the pop singer. This stems from the period of time in which Bieber was living in the ritzy Los Angeles neighborhood of Calabasas, these years being seen as perhaps a high point in hijinks from the young star.

Accusations against Justin Bieber from these troubled years include his participation in spitting, fighting, and egging throughout the neighborhood -- acts that when conducted in a neighborhood where the residents are all millionaires several times over become socially unconscionable. The Schwartz family has already received $80,000 from Bieber to be put towards repairing their home after his egg-related degeneracy.

Having continuously faced the repercussions of the egg-related incident that occurred when he was 20 -- and looking like he was going down a very real downward spiral for the better part of four years -- Bieber has finally decided that enough is enough. The Canadian singer turned the tables on his accuser with some fairly harsh accusations of his own.

Bieber alleges that the emotional distress that Schwartz is coping with actually stems from a dark secret that the millionaire is hiding from his family. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Bieber has exposed the cornerstone of said secret as a porn company that goes by the name of Erotizen -- which the pop star claims that Schwartz has bankrolled without his family's knowledge.

Schwartz has brushed aside that allegation as complete hogwash, saying that his family is well aware that he is bankrolling a porn company, and that there is no way this line of thinking could be attributed as the source of his emotional distress.

The secret porn company was only one of Bieber's suggested alternatives as to why Schwartz is so emotionally distressed. Bieber also mentioned Schwartz-owned company Seller Networks, a company that specializes in selling cars. Bieber alleges that he was made aware that the company has been on the receiving ends of many complaints regarding the company's inability to sell through -- and deliver -- the cars as promised.