Charlie Sheen Owes $89,000 In Child Support, Brooke Mueller Asks Court To Freeze Bank Accounts

The legal battle between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller just keeps getting uglier. Charlie is currently facing felony charges and the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating claims that he made threats against his ex. Now Brooke is claiming that Charlie hasn't been paying child support according to their court-ordered agreement and he's at least $89,000 in arrears. She wants the court to take Sheen's lack of child support payments seriously and freeze his accounts until he pays up, according to People.

According to the report, Sheen has been ordered by the court to pay $55,000 per month in child support to Mueller for their 7-year-old twin sons Bob and Max. Brooke Mueller charges that Charlie hasn't been keeping his end of the agreement though and only paid her a total of $21,000 for March and April. That means Sheen owes $89,000 in unpaid child support just for the past two months!

Charlie Sheen doesn't feel like he should have to pay such a high amount for his sons' child support. In March, the HIV-positive actor filed papers in court to have his payments reduced. He thinks the amount should be lowered because Sheen's income is much lower than it was in 2011 when the child support agreement was made. Unfortunately for him, that doesn't mean he can just stop paying.

According to the paperwork Sheen filed to get his child support payments reduced, he was making $613,000 per month when he was working on Two and a Half Men, which ended for him in 2011. Now, the actor claims to be making around $87,000 per month and Brooke is demanding more than half of that to take care of his kids.

Ever since admitting that he is HIV-positive, Charlie said that he paid out around $10 million in hush money to those around him who were threatening to make his condition public. Sheen has made claims that those who extorted him out of money in exchange for their silence have taken most of his fortune and now he can't afford to take care of his own kids at the level in which he used to. There are also reports that Sheen is also paying $55,000 a month to another ex-wife, Denise Richards, in order to take care of their two daughters Sam and Lola.

"We came up with a number a long time ago and I had a great job and everybody was living large. and that's not the case right now, but there's still that expectation to still keep paying this kind of money," Sheen told Dr. Mehmet Oz. "At some point, you just can't justify it, especially when there's no gratitude behind it. None. I would send somebody flowers every hour if I got that kind of dough tax-free."

It turns out that Denise Richards has waged child support war against Charlie Sheen, too. In January, Richards filed paperwork claiming that Charlie is behind in payments for Sam and Lola by $1.2 million. The suit also accuses Richards' ex-husband of throwing her and her kids out of a house he allegedly bought for them to live in.

According to Denise Richards, Charlie bought a house close to his and promised not to evict her if she'd just move into it with their daughters. She claims that Sheen started acting irrationally towards her and the children after they moved in and ultimately kicked them out of the house in September 2015.

Charlie Sheen and his lawyer, Martin Singer, have both claimed publicly that Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller are just greedy women who want to keep their hand in Charlie's pocketbook. Never mind the fact that he has child support agreements with both of them but has failed to pay as scheduled or keep his agreements with either woman.

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