Watch April 14 Democratic Debate Live Online: Start Time, Streaming Video For Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton Showdown In New York

Viewers can watch the April 14 Democratic debate live online and see the showdown between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the days before New York's critical primary.

The Democratic candidates will face off Thursday night at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, with the debate hosted by CNN and Time Warner Cable's NY1. The debate will start at 9 p.m., with coverage on both CNN and Time Warner Cable News in New York. For those unable to make it to a television, CNN will be offering live streaming video (a link to the video can be found below).

The debate has grown in importance over the last month as Bernie Sanders has strung together a series of victories that cut into Hillary Clinton's lead. While he still trails her wide delegate count, the wins have given his campaign hope as well as momentum heading into next Tuesday's New York primary. A win in New York could change the race, Sanders has said.
Recent polls have shown Hillary Clinton with a double-digit lead over Bernie Sanders, but there could still be opportunities for the Vermont Senator to make up ground. Polls show that there is still room for him to gain among non-white voters, a demographic that Hillary Clinton once dominated, but recently has shown some signs she may be losing.

"It is worth noting that a significant number of minority voters in New York City are undecided. Based on past primaries, these should turn out to be Clinton voters, but Sanders is making an all-out appeal for their support," said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University poll. Murray added that close to one-in-eight downstate voters remained undecided in the week before the primary.

Sanders also picked up a major boost in New York City, with the 42,000-member Transit Workers Union Local 100 endorsing him at a press conference in Brooklyn.

And as the USA Today noted, Sanders can also try to run up the score upstate, where voters better fit his key demographics.

"Sanders may have his best chance of challenging Clinton upstate, where he's pushing an offensive on fracking and trade deals that have hurt manufacturing jobs, an issue that helped him pull off a surprise victory over Clinton last month in Michigan. On Tuesday, the Vermont senator opened a Rochester rally blasting Clinton for promoting fracking in other countries while Secretary of State.

"Sanders has also fared best in states where the population is less diverse, so the demographics upstate, which is whiter than New York City and surrounding areas, could favor him as well."

Those who watch the Democratic debate live online will likely see Hillary Clinton on the offensive. In recent weeks her campaign has begun attacking Bernie Sanders more directly, taking some of her attention off Donald Trump in an effort to put away her Democratic opponent once and for all.

Clinton has attacked Sanders' lack of specifics for his proposals, a point she is likely to bring up in Thursday's debate.

"I have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in New York, Sen. Sanders has had trouble answering questions," Clinton said this week, referencing Sanders' interview with the New York Daily News editorial board in which he failed to follow through with details on how he would achieve some of his key proposals. "He has had trouble answering questions about his core issue, namely, dealing with the banks. He has had trouble answering foreign policy questions."

Viewers who want to watch the April 14 Democratic debate live online can click here for streaming video of the showdown between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in New York.

[Picture by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]