Caitlyn Jenner Changes Her Birth Certificate, Kris Jenner Shocked By This Big Move [Video]

Caitlyn Jenner just made a huge decision to actually change her birth certificate. Her ex-wife Kris Jenner thinks that this decision is really strange, though. When it is brought up, Kris has a lot of questions about what this means for her. E! Online has shared a new preview for I Am Cait, wherein these two are talking about what is going on and the reality of this big decision that Caitlyn Jenner has made. These two are sitting down just for a chat with each other when this big news comes out. It is great to see Kris and Caitlyn connecting after having such a hard time with this big change at first.

Kris talks about how her daughter Kim Kardashian brought her some of Bruce's clothes that just don't work now as Caitlyn. She admits it made her a little sad because she spent many years making that wardrobe. Kris teases that nobody knew she was buying the wrong stuff. Kris says she had a few ideas about how Caitlyn felt while they were married, but she didn't expect this big change to happen.

Caitlyn actually changed her legal name on her birth certificate and her driver's license. Kris didn't even realize this was something one could do. She wasn't shocked that she got her license changed or that it now it says "Caitlyn Marie Jenner" on it with a gender marker of female. Caitlyn is still working on getting her passport changed. Eventually, the name "Bruce" won't be on anything at all.

Kris Jenner then asks if the change means that Bruce didn't exist, since she has changed her birth certificate. She then goes on to ask if she was legally married, because on paper Bruce never existed and her former marriage certificate still says "Bruce" on it. It will be interesting to see what they decide on when they talk about this on the show. Their marriage is a part of history, but it might not look that way on paper anymore.

Cosmopolitan shared another topic Caitlyn Jenner will talk about this week is how she is not comfortable with the idea of gender confirmation surgery. It turns out that she still has male parts down below and has not gone through with this part of the surgery. It is a big step and Caitlyn is not sure if she wants to go through with it or not.

In a clip for this week, Caitlyn Jenner's friends are explaining to her that they don't feel like gender and sex are the same thing. It is a very personal decision and Caitlyn needs to decide what is right for her. It is not an easy choice to make and Caitlyn isn't taking the decision lightly at all.

Many people did not realize that Caitlyn Jenner hadn't performed the confirmation surgery yet. It is interesting to hear her talk about how she hasn't done it, and the reasons for her indecision. Caitlyn did go through several surgeries so she can look like a woman, and the confirmation surgery would likely be the final step in her transformation. It doesn't sound like she has made a decision yet about what she wants to do.

Are you shocked to hear that Caitlyn Jenner has changed her driver's license and birth certificate? Do you think that this is a good decision? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of I Am Cait on Sundays on the E! network.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]