'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Callie Taking Sophia To NYC, Leaving Arizona Behind?

Grey's Anatomy fans have been hearing spoilers about something very big happening with Callie and Arizona. The two, who share a daughter together, have been divorced for a while now, and seem to be getting along well, but things are about to take a turn for the worse.

Grey's Anatomy viewers know that Callie has been dating resident doctor Penny over the course of Season 12, and now that Penny has won the Preminger Grant, she'll be moving to New York.

TV Line reports that this week, fans of Callie and Arizona will see the two women go to battle over what's best for their daughter, Sophia, when Callie reveals she's thinking about dropping everything and moving across the country with Sophia to be with Penny.

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Spoilers: Arizona and Callie make a heartbreaking decision.
[Image via ABC]Grey's Anatomy will air a special 2-hr event on Thursday, and two episodes will be shown. Both episodes are expected to revolve around Callie's decision, and how it will impact Arizona.

Things are likely to get ugly between the former spouses, as Sophia is not biologically Arizona's child. Callie and Arizona raised the girl when Arizona got pregnant by Mark Sloan. When Mark died, only Callie and Arizona were there to parent the child. Will this have any bearing on Callie's decision to stay at Grey Sloan, or move East with Penny?

The decision will be gut-wrenching for fans to watch, and even Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith on the ABC hospital drama, says she was blown away by the story line, revealing that actress Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona, will "rip your heart out" in the scenes.

In addition to Callie and Arizona's big scenes, Grey's Anatomy fans will likely also be getting emotional over Jackson and April's story line. The now-divorced doctors only recently learned that they're having a child together, and after what happened to their first child, fans are on edge.

In last week's episode, Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery, pushed her son to seek out a lawyer and sue April for fraud, after finding out that April knew she was pregnant before signing the divorce papers. Jackson didn't seem to want to do it, but when April caught wind of Catherine's plan, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

It was then revealed that April had Jackson served with a restraining order, which seems like it would be hard to follow since they work at the same hospital, but later the former Mrs. Avery learned that Jackson only wanted to reconcile.

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Will Callie take Sophia and move away from Arizona?
[Image via ABC]This is sure to lead to a battle between April and Jackson, whom fans so desperately want to see get back together. It's no secret that Jackson has a soft spot when it comes to April, but he has an equally-present temper, and April is often the subject of his anger.

As Callie and Arizona and April and Jackson battle over the future and their children, Meredith will seemingly continue to battle with herself. Recently, Meredith started dating again, and, after an intimate night with Major Will Thorpe, she totally freaked out. Will is the first man that Meredith has been with since losing her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd, in Season 11. While Will seems like a good match for Meredith, patient and understanding, she'll have to fight an inner battle within herself before she's officially ready to move on emotionally.

This is nothing new for Meredith, as Grey's Anatomy fans have seen her struggle with nearly all the relationships in her life over the past 12 seasons. However, many believe it's time for the lead character to be happy again, and Will would seemingly make that happen.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey's Anatomy spoilers?

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