'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope Comes Clean To Caroline And Shares A Kiss With Rafe, And Deimos' Evil Deeds Are Being Pieced Together

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that big moments are on the way with Wednesday's show. People are making connections regarding Deimos and recent trouble with loved ones and it sounds as if things are about to get very interesting on this front. Hope is about to tackle some big moments in her personal life and these will certainly have fans buzzing. What can everybody expect from the April 13 show?

Viewers know that Deimos is connected to what has happened with Maggie, and with Bo's captivity, but now, some in Salem will start piecing things together. Days of Our Lives spoilers, via We Love Soaps, indicate that Hope, Roman, Rafe, and Caroline will start connecting with one another and forming some theories about how Deimos might be responsible for both Bo's kidnapping and Maggie's condition.

Tying all of these components together has been a long time coming and there are still a few loose ends to be addressed. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Deimos may soon find himself not quite as in control of everything as he has thought he was.

At this point, it sounds as if Deimos' attention is on Nicole and his curiosity may soon get the best of him. Nicole has taken notice of his curiosity, and she will be doing some digging on him. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers from Soap Central, Nicole will even go straight to Deimos to ask some questions about his fascination with her.

As all of these questions about Deimos swirl, Hope will face revealing some big news to a loved one. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that during Wednesday's episode, she will talk with Caroline and admit that she is the one who killed Stefano. How will Caroline react to the news?

Hope and Rafe have been growing closer and closer to one another since Bo's death and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that this relationship takes some big steps forward this week. The two share a kiss during Wednesday's show and teasers reveal that during Thursday's episode, he will reveal that he is in love with her. Will Hope feel ready to reciprocate those feelings?

Bo may be gone for good this time, but Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed that another former love of Hope's will be returning to town soon. Daniel Cosgrove will be heading back to Salem as Aiden Jennings and it seems that he may be revealing that he had been kidnapped and hidden away by Andre before the attack on Hope. Will Aiden's return shake up Hope's developing feelings for Rafe, or could there be a full-fledged romance on the horizon for her with Rafe?

Eric is preparing to head to prison and viewers watched as his loved ones started to say their goodbyes during Tuesday's show. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Rafe will be lending some support to Roman in this next episode, surely over the Eric situation, and there will be quite a bit more related to Eric and this farewell as the rest of the week plays out. Greg Vaughan is leaving the role and the show, at least for now, and he has teased that there are some emotional moments ahead as these scenes play out.

What will happen to Deimos as those in Salem figure out how evil he has been? What does the future hold for Hope and Rafe as a couple? There are plenty of emotional moments on the way that fans won't want to miss as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.

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