Prince George Is 'Too Naughty' To Join Royals On India Tour

He may be the future monarch of the United Kingdom, but Prince George is "too naughty" to join his parents on their tour of India. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has admitted to missing her children whilst on a current tour of India with her husband, Prince William. However, she also revealed the real reason why Prince George wasn't taken on the tour with them; because, he's too naughty.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently touring India's remote communities. According to the Telegraph, the Duchess of Cambridge took time out of the tour to speak about her children; Princess Charlotte and the apparently naughty Prince George, neither of whom joined the couple on the tour.

Middleton went on to tell village elders that little Prince George would be running all over the place around the small villages that they have been visiting. However, she also appeared to express regret in their decision not to bring the children, admitting that this is the longest she has spent apart from them, saying that "the next time we come we will definitely bring them."

Prince William and Kate Middleton Touring India
[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]Since his birth over 2 years ago, Prince George's public appearances have been somewhat few and far between. However, during those appearances, the general perception of Prince George has been that the future King of the United Kingdom is a shy soul, but that's definitely not the case according to his mother, Kate.

In the latest part of their tour of India, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge visited Pan Bari village in India's Kaziranga National Park. According to the Mirror, during their visit, the Royal couple met with several members of the local community, before being treated to a traditional dance performance of the area. Following that, the couple, minus Prince George and Princess Charlotte traveled to a local home and tea plantation. It was there that they met with a local couple and were gifted with local produce.

Prince William, who is a well-known conservationist, was keen to ask about how the local people view elephants, which they live alongside. To which, they were told that the villagers love living with the elephants and they learned of how well the animals are treated by rural villagers in India.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were certainly welcome guests in the village. When asked what it meant for the couple to be visiting the village, the leader of the village said, "we are all very happy and it makes us proud that they have come here." However, several of the villagers appeared disappointed that they wouldn't get the chance to meet Prince George and his sister, but the Royal couple were certainly big enough guests to host.

The young prince is no stranger to state visits, however. In 2014, Prince George accompanied his parents on overseas visits to both Australia and New Zealand. That being said, George understandably undertakes less state visits than his older family members, which is something that will change as he grows older.

State visits will be a regular duty for Prince George, who will one day be the King of the United Kingdom. Behind his grandfather Charles and father William, Prince George is third in the succession to the British throne.

For Prince George's parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, their trip to India has certainly been an eventful one. Over the course of the trip, they've experienced the life and culture of both India's urban heartlands and the more remote areas of the country, including Pan Bari village in Kaziranga National Park.

[Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images]