Tiffany Hendra Defends LeeAnne Locken: ‘RHOD’ Star Is Sincere In Charity Work

Tiffany Hendra was one of the only women on The Real Housewives of Dallas who supported her friend, LeeAnne Locken, during Monday's premiere. Several of the housewives were quick to judge LeeAnne for her charity work, and they thought that she was bragging too much about all of the work she was doing. Some of the wives felt that LeeAnne was spending too much on a charity event instead of donating the money to people who could really use it. Tiffany seemed to be the only one who knew everything Locken had done and she's now coming to her defense.

According to a new Bravo report, Tiffany Hendra is now revealing that she's known Locken for years and her friend isn't doing charity work for the sake of having parties. Hendra explains that her friend used to pick up dogs off the street to help out where she could, so Tiffany is a bit angered over the comments that Brandi Redmond said about her friend.

"When LeeAnne told me about Brandi imitating us, I cracked up and could not wait to see her in action. Honestly, I thought it was all in fun, so when I approached Brandi about it, I was shocked that she was so shy and clammed up. That immediately told me that there must be much more to it than just light-hearted fun. Hmmm Hmmm! Obviously a charity cocktail party was not the time or place for her SNL comedy sketch. But neither was sitting LeeAnne down for a serious chat about how she thinks LeeAnne's motivation in the charity world is selfish," Tiffany Hendra explains in her blog post for Monday's premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Of course, many of the Real Housewives of Dallas stars had judged Locken before they had filmed with her. Some of the ladies said that she was scary and practically known around Dallas for her charity work. And, as Tiffany Hendra points out, some of the ladies like to talk without having anything to back it up with.

"But, like I always say, Brandi is the tiniest petite thing with lady balls the size of Texas. It's Brandi's reality and perception if she feels LeeAnne sharing her story at a charity luncheon for women with HIV is disrespectful and selfish," Tiffany points out, hinting that she has yet to see her co-star stand up and do something to prove her point. Sitting at a party and criticizing someone else's work isn't something Hendra can respect.

Hendra doesn't take Brandi's comments seriously, because she knows that her friend has done plenty of charity work over the years. These two ladies have known one another for a while and it sounds like she's standing by her friend no matter what.

"Knowing LeeAnne for so many years, I can say wholeheartedly that her motivation in the charity world is sincere. She used to pull over and pick up stray dogs and help people to her detriment. Some people are more reserved about their charity work and it must have bothered Brandi enough to feel the need to get it off her chest and approach LeeAnne. I agree, there is a time and place to share your personal story, but I believe LeeAnne has the awareness of when it is or is not appropriate," Tiffany Hendra points out, showing clear support for her friend.

What do you think of Tiffany Hendra's decision to stand by her friend? Are you surprised that LeeAnne Locken's charitable work is being questioned by her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars even though the season has just begun?

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