Blind Love? Kissing Couple Oblivious To Gunmen Robbing Bar In Montana [Video]

Talk about love being blind.

A kissing couple in Montana were so enamored with each other that they failed to notice that gunmen were robbing the very bar they were having such a good time in.

A surveillance video of the incident, which was made accessible to MTN News, shows the couple oblivious to an early Monday robbery unfolding at the Tap Inn bar in Billings, when a pair of masked men entered the bar with guns and demand an undisclosed amount of cash from the bartender, according to the New York Daily News.

The video of the incident has since gone viral on the internet.

This kissing couple was oblivious to gunmen robbing the bar they were sitting in.
In this image taken from the surveillance video, the couple can be seen making out while the bartender stands with his hands in the air (L). The gunman can be seen looking for the cash in the register. (Image via Billings Gazette/YouTube)

As you can see in the beginning of the above video, the couple sit in the center of the frame, with the woman leaning towards the man for a kiss. Less than a few seconds later, a masked man brandishing a gun appears in the frame. While you would expect the couple to show some kind of reaction to the incident, they continue to lock lips as if nothing happened, even as the masked men point the gun at the bartender.

To be fair to the kissing couple, however, it appears that their ignorance of the masked men was in fact deliberate, as they sought to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. In another angle of the video which can be accessed here, the man can be seen pointing towards one of the gunmen, and it is possible he asked his girlfriend to continue playacting as if nothing transpired. The woman whispers something in the man's ear, as both of them try to avoid looking directly at either of the gunmen.

Whatever the reasons for the couple continuing to kiss even as the gunmen rob the bar, the decision might just have saved them from getting hurt.

Kissing couple attempt to ignore the gunmen.
In this screenshot taken from the surveillance video, the man can be seen pointing towards one of the robbers. (Image via MTN News/KRTV Screenshot)

Eventually, after the suspects fled the scene of the crime, the bartender can be seen reaching out to the phone in the bar. It is only then that the couple stops kissing -- further proof that them locking lips in the face of adversity was a clever ploy in order not to get noticed.

Billings police investigators say that the city has seen an unprecedented rise in armed robberies this year. The robbery at the Tap Inn bar was one of three that took place within a period of 24 hours in the area, and police have warned business owners and residents to be observant of their surroundings.

"We stress to the business owners that it is absolutely paramount employees are safe, that no amount of money is worth somebody getting hurt," said a police officer. He further reiterated that the best defense for the city would be its inhabitants watching out for each other in the face of rising crimes.

"When you take 105,000 citizens in Billings and have them watching out for everybody, that's a pretty formidable force against a criminal."
The kissing couple might have just evaded a sticky situation by not intervening in the situation, and the internet has already made them heroes for it.

After all, like they say, ignorance is bliss.

[Image via Billings Gazette/YouTube]