'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Wyatt Faces Difficult Moments With Steffy Over Liam, And Nicole Confronts Both Sasha And Zende

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Wednesday's episode will be jam-packed with drama. Liam has returned home now, but he has yet to learn that Steffy and Wyatt have had a quickie romance and wedding in his absence. Everybody is still trying to wrap their brains around all that has gone down, but new tidbits will emerge during the April 13 show that will shake things up even more.

As Bold and Beautiful viewers know, Charlie recently discovered the security video showing Liam collapsing in the parking lot during his confrontation with Quinn. He showed it to Wyatt, and Wyatt confronted Quinn. She convinced her son that there was nothing more to the situation, but now Wyatt realizes that Quinn had been lying.

Wyatt never told Steffy about the video or the fact that Quinn had seemingly been the last one to see Liam before his disappearance, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she is about to find out. Even though Liam remains completely confused about why Quinn would go to such great lengths to keep him away from his regular life, Steffy and Wyatt have essentially pieced it all together.

According to We Love Soaps, when Steffy learns about the video and the fact that Wyatt knew about it and had not told her, she is going to be furious. The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews show Liam still in the mode of being intensely grateful to his brother for saving him from the situation with Quinn, but he may well change his tune when he learns exactly what else had been happening while he was gone. It is not clear just when all of this will be revealed to him, but fans have a hunch that some intensely emotional episodes are on the way as he realizes all that has happened with Steffy during his absence.

Wednesday's episode will also share a bit more with Sasha, Nicole, and Zende again. Sasha is all-in when it comes to her relationship with Zende, no matter how much it hurts Nicole. It was clear during Tuesday's show that Nicole was still quite heartbroken over the split with Zende and she had not yet fully processed all that transpired. Sasha and Nicole will talk again, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Nicole will be floored to hear Sasha say that she and Zende are in love with one another.

Sasha will share some harsh words with Nicole during their talk, leaving her supposed bestie pretty floored. There will be a conversation between Nicole and Zende in this next show as well, and it looks like he will take a somewhat more gentle approach in talking with his ex about their split and his new relationship. However, Bold and Beautiful viewers can bet that Nicole will continue to be hurt by this scenario for some time yet.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central detail that Ridge will face a major threat to his life with Caroline as someone has pieced together enough of the details about Douglas' paternity to muck up the situation. Katie's drinking issues escalate once more, leading to confrontations with Bill and Brooke.

Will Steffy bail on her marriage to Wyatt as she learns about the video and realizes that Liam never intended to leave her? What comes next for Quinn and Deacon as they are on the run? Viewers are anxious to see where things head next as the chaos continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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