Seattle Food Truck For Dogs Is A Howling Success And Serves Humans And Cats Too [Video]

Canines in the Seattle area are living the dream after a food truck for dogs started doing the rounds with healthy and tasty treats.

Close to's headquarters in downtown Seattle, it is common to see people walking their dogs or buying lunch at the many food trucks in the area. Now there's a brand new food truck on offer, but this time offering a different culinary experience.

The Seattle Barkery is a food truck catering to man's best friend and offers the best treats for canines of taste, along with a menu for humans and some new items for our feline friends.

KOMO News gave the food truck for dogs a "two paws up" when reporting that Ben and Dawn Ford, who own the food truck, started their business 10 months ago.

They reportedly visit all the Seattle-area dog parks, along with farmer's markets, office building parking lots and even cater for private events.

Dawn Ford said there is definitely a market for more things where human and canine activities are combined, saying, "You don't want to always leave them at home or leave them in the car."

Ford did say their dog food truck is just one of only a handful in the country catering for canines, and reportedly the idea is so new that people without dogs occasionally misunderstand and buy themselves a treat.

"They end up ordering something, and they seem weirded out by it," Ford said.

The decision to open up a food truck came after Ford worked at one of Seattle's dog-friendly bars. She reportedly then became a dog walker, and after noticing a rash of product recalls related to dog treats, began cooking up her own for her canine clients.

Ben and Dawn bought an old Chevy Step-Van which reportedly already had the appropriate name "Buster" and spent six months renovating it before launching the food truck last year.

According to Ben, "Dawn stays true to her name and is up very early baking."

Reportedly, their own rescue dog, Sherman, occasionally travels with them on the canine food truck, and the couple jokingly refer to the much-loved mutt as their "Chief Tasting Officer" or "CTO."

Dog treats with natural ingredients are important to Ford. She said what we feed our pets reflects their health and as animals' lives are so short, we should always feed them good quality products.

"All of our treats are soft," she said, adding that none of them "contain ingredients you can't pronounce."

Among the tasty treats on offer are bacon cupcakes (known as "pupcakes"), beefy carrot bagels, air-fried chicken feet and duck neck, pumpkin pretzels, mini cheese doughnuts, peanut butter and banana cookies and so much more. They even offer ice cream sundaes on warmer days.As can be seen on Oddee, The Seattle Barkery recently made it into the number one place on their top ten of the coolest food trucks. According to that report, the canine food truck has recently expanded its menu to include a limited menu for humans, along with some tasty options for cats.

A nice touch is that proceeds from the tip jar go to the Old Dog Haven, a local nonprofit group that lends help to senior pets.

Janelle Harding, whose trusty canine is a customer of the canine food truck, told AP in the video included above, "It kind of seems natural that now that we've conquered the people food truck market that we bring that to our faithful furry friends."

Harding, who buys treats at the doggy food truck for her pug, Stella, says in her case, "Peanut butter is like a must."

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