WWE News: AJ Styles Possibly Injured At 'WWE SmackDown' Taping On Tuesday Night?

AJ Styles has been killing it in WWE ever since he arrived at the Royal Rumble PPV back in January. While he did not win the Rumble, he made a big impression on WWE fans who did not know him. He then went on to have a match at WrestleMania 32, which was his first WrestleMania. He lost there as well. Now he has a chance to face off with Roman Reigns at WWE Payback for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Clearly, this seems like the year of AJ Styles, as everything is going right. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE sees AJ as a very marketable new star for them. His merchandise is selling well, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon likes him as well. Apparently McMahon really likes his in-ring work and the fact that his merch sells well. Obviously, Styles is now becoming an essential part of WWE's roster, especially in a time when stars are heavily needed.

With so many injuries going on, there is a need for guys like Styles to step up, and he surely has. Sadly, it appears that Styles' career with WWE might be derailed a bit. It looked to fans like AJ Styles was hurt in his match with Alberto Del Rio at the WWE SmackDown taping on Tuesday night. According to DWN, Del Rio botched a move on Styles, and AJ reportedly dropped him on his head.

AJ Styles SmackDown
Image via WWE

It appeared that AJ was hurt a bit, with one source who watched from the crowd saying it looked pretty bad from where he was sitting in the eighth row. Losing Styles is never a good thing, but in a WWE World Title program? That simply cannot happen for him or the WWE right now. That makes it nice to see that AJ apparently feels okay after the scary spot.

Styles would address the situation on Twitter when one fan asked him if he was hurt. The fan wanted to see him when WWE headed to Dubai. He would tell the fan...

"I'll be there ready to rock!! See you soon."
While it does not totally dismiss the possibility that Styles could have been hurt a bit, obviously it does appear that he is in good spirits after the scare. WWE really cannot afford to lose AJ, and there is hope that WWE's investment in him will pay off well this year. The thought is that Styles is certainly a star for the company and he very well could continue to rise. If he continues to move up and fans respond well to him, there is a shot that Styles could end up winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Roman AJ
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It was noted that WWE SummerSlam plans call for Roman Reigns to face off with John Cena for the WWE World Title, but if Styles continues to become a major name among the fans, he may very well be given the WWE World Title by then. He would make history if he did so. AJ Styles would be the only man in history to have held the NWA/TNA, TNA, IWGP, and WWE World Heavyweight Championships.

Speculation among fans is that AJ Styles will be given the Money in the Bank briefcase this summer. If this does occur, he very well could cash in before the year is out and win his first WWE World Title. As of now, nothing is in the cards for AJ. However, it has been proven in the past that fan demand does play a big role for WWE. If the fans want a certain person to get an opportunity, they are often times given just that. We will have to see if WWE gives such a thing to Styles if and when fans demand more for him.

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