Lisa Rinna Says Lisa Vanderpump Called Her Repeatedly To Get Her To Fess Up To Talking With Kyle Richards About Yolanda Foster Having Munchausen

Lisa Rinna has given a lot more detail in regards to her claim that Lisa Vanderpump manipulated her into publicly bringing up the speculation regarding Yolanda Foster's illness. In her latest Bravo blog post, recapping the Season 6 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale episode that aired on Tuesday night, Lisa R. revealed that prior to the scene at Lisa V.'s house with Kyle that viewers saw, she had dinner with Kyle where she talked about it being suggested that Yolanda has Munchausen syndrome. According to Lisa R., Lisa V. found out about the conversation with Kyle and then called her repeatedly to suggest that she fess up.

As she said in previous blogs and during her appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live, Lisa R. said that it was her hairdresser who brought up the possibility of Yolanda having Munchausen rather than true Lyme disease. Lisa R. then went out for sushi with Kyle, with whom she shared the conversation that she had with her hairdresser. Lisa R. added that she and Kyle talked about Yolanda's Instagram photos that documented her illness.

"I passed this information along to Kyle one night when we had sushi at Shu. We spoke of the conversation I had with Faye Woods and we discussed Yolanda's Instagram pics. There was no ill intent on either of our parts..."
According to Lisa R., Lisa V. found out about the conversation with Kyle and subsequently called her repeatedly to get her to admit to talking about Yolanda possibly having Munchausen. Lisa R. claimed that Lisa V. actually called her 10 times in a 24-hour period regarding the matter. Notably, Lisa R. used the words "infer" and "hinted" in regard to Lisa V.'s phone call.
"In one phone bill cycle, I spoke to LVP on the phone 10 times and within a specific 24-hour period, she called me five times to infer that others knew I had brought up the 'M' word and further hinted that, in her opinion, I should, sooner or later, admit this."
It was after this happened that Lisa R. went to Lisa V.'s house and, with Kyle present, admitted that she had engaged in a conversation with someone regarding the possibility of Yolanda having Munchausen syndrome and read out the definition of the condition.
Yet, Lisa R. also made it clear in her blog that she was the only one who actually used the word Munchausen.

In her own blog post, Lisa Vanderpump continued to deny any manipulation of Lisa Rinna. According to Lisa V., another person on the cast is more involved in the whole Munchausen drama than was shown. Lisa V. believes that Lisa R. told Eileen Davidson of her Munchausen conversation with her hairdresser prior to the meeting at her home. Referring to Eileen Davidson as "Soapy," Lisa V. asked why Eileen didn't get Lisa R., whom she has nicknamed "Sudsy," to close her "over-inflated lips."

"I realize now that ED arrived later to my house and asked what we were talking about...Mmmmm, I now have a better understanding of the situation and that those two talk all the time, and I am sure before it was brought to the forefront, especially if her hairdresser had initiated the discussion, LR must have chewed the fat with ED first. She would not run to my house and expose it if it had not been discussed between them...why wouldn't Soapy have said to Sudsy that maybe the munchausesn theory wasn't such a good one? Couldn't she, as her best friend, maybe have manipulated her into zipping her over-inflated lips closed. I do believe Rinna is a puppet--just not mine."
As viewers saw in that episode, after Lisa R. told Kyle Richards and Lisa V. about talking to someone about Yolanda possibly having Munchausen syndrome, Eileen walked in and, sensing that something weird had just happened, asked the women to reveal what they were discussing.
Lisa V. also called Eileen "Soapy" and Lisa R. "Sudsy" in her blog last week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lisa R., in response to Lisa V.'s blog, called it "disgustingly vile."

Viewers may see Lisa Rinna go into more detail about Lisa Vanderpump's phone calls in the upcoming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion show. A preview shows Lisa V. saying that she hardly called Lisa R., to which Lisa R. whips out some phone records. Yolanda Foster is so upset at what she's hearing that she runs off the set.

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